Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lipstick, mismatch and a whole waste of time and money.

What would you do when you finally decided to try something new, and when you did, it was all wrong for you?

I tried the nude lipstick. Of course it went downhill.

Enter the Letdown: Revlon ColorBurst in Soft Nude.

-- I didn't even take this picture because I was too disappointed to go near it ever again.

It looks beautiful, but it's just all sorts of wrong when it's on me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bringing home and bringing up baby - Part 1.

During my pregnancy, J and I had many discussions on how we are going to take care of the baby once he arrives. We both live away from family, and J still goes to sea so it is tricky for us as a new family.

-- Not a photo of our baby

We thought about infant care centres but I just feel so guilty and sad for our baby. Just barely 4 months old (that's how long maternity leave goes if I take everything at one go) and shipped off to daycare while J and I return to work. The thought of placing him in the care of complete strangers just doesn't sit well with us.

Since we ruled out infant care centres completely, some friends actually suggested that we leave the baby with my parents, who live in another country, while I rejoin the workforce. I bit my tongue at the idea, because what's the point of having a baby if we are going to send it to another country and only see him on the weekends for a few hours? J and I deeply oppose this suggestion as well.

The only other option we had was to hire a helper/nanny.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Saint Laurent has the sharpest suit.

Yves Saint Laurent, or just Saint Laurent now, has the sharpest and chicest suits. Hands down.

I know these are pictures from the past season but they are oh so chic! Black and white. Sharp tailoring. That's all fashion needs. 

I just feel like

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Makeup brushes for newbies like me and YouTube video guides.

I was almost running out of MAC when I bought my first bottle of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I love it. More on why I love it later. The assistant said I should apply with a brush to get a more finished look, and that's how I ended up with the Chanel mini brush set. Sigh there goes my bank account again. Seriously, why am I not on Citibank's valued customer list is beyond me. They earn way too much from me every month.

-- Available at

Anyway since the purchase I've been checking out videos and guides on how to apply foundation with a brush and everyone emphasises on the importance of good brushes. Good brushes from MAC and makeup brands cost an arm and leg! I'm too much of a novice to appreciate them so regular brushes will do for me.

Got a big bushy ecotool brush for all over powder.

I know it says blush brush but I'm going to use it for setting powder on my face anyway. :/ I usually dust translucent powder when I wear liquid foundation because I have oily skin and no amount of superior product will keep the shine away. Powder helps.

The brush looks big and fluffy doesn't it?

The Kate eyeliner is great but since I'm such a klutz at makeup it doesn't seem to do much for me. Hmmmmm... It's a fine tipped pen so it's easier for me to fix if I draw a mess.

I've watched enough Lisa Eldridge's videos to know that an angled brush (wrong name?) is great for applying blush. Like she explained, the little fan brush thingy that comes with the blush will probably put blush all over the cheeks instead of just the apples. Absolutely agree with that. I want to look fresh and rosy, not flushed and flustered.

So I bought a real, angled blush brush when I went to Korea! It's fabulous. It's from Nature Republic and only costs 5900won so that's maybe $7. The bristles are a little coarse but it's cheap and good enough for this makeup newb. I'll probably graduate to a more expensive/better brush when I'm better at applying makeup.

I've since gotten some brushes from the Sephora Professional range for concealing and they are very good! I'm still hopeless at eye makeup so that's a whole other set of brushes I don't need to get.

Now comes the big question. How do you clean these brushes? Don't think I should get the entire brush wet with soap. I know I have to wash them once a week but truthfully, I can't remember the last time I washed my makeup sponges. Eeek!

Thankfully there are videos on how to do everything on YouTube!

(Apparently shampoo does the trick!)

I have no patience for drama mamas.

I am exasperated by the antics of some people, and my patience runs pretty low for people who don't seem to want to help themselves.

S wants a drama-free life, where people are nice and things are predictable.
  • Then why on earth did she post provocative pictures on the net if all she wants is peace and quiet?
  • Why go out with losers non-winners who are married and "heading for divorce"? The non-winner said that a couple of years ago. S waited and gave up. Moved on to another similar non-winner.
  • Why is she taunting the deadbeat sperm donor of a father of her child? That's courting drama.

"omg he's stalking me!"

S: drive faster. He may be behind us.
Me: We're on the highway. We left without him knowing.

S: drive me to my doorstep. He may be waiting for me downstairs.
Me: But you stay in a condo with tight security. How can he get in?
S: He has his ways.

S thrives on the drama and attention. People are just feeding her needs. Don't put yourself in those situations if you want peace and quiet. Stop actively courting drama and then cry your sob stories to the world about how unfair fate has dealt you.

I'm just sooo tired of listening to her "sad" stories, I'm going to walk out of her drama filled life.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Zimmerman Roamer Day Dress and fighting the urge to impulse shop.

When Kate Middleton visited Australia, she wore this dress to Manly beach. It was simple, chic and everything I love.

Except for the price.

You and Me and a little birdy.

How adorable is this?!

J and I have been married for 4 years but I still squeal at all things wedding-y. I give J the "let's have this when we renew our vows" look and he just sighs, resigned to his fate. Hahaha that's us!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Electronic gadgets, rampant consumerism and the pollution we bring.

These days, electronics are built to last for 2 years, tops. I'm still using J's 1st generation iPad running iOS 5 and my old iPhone 3GS is going to be my mom's training phone.

My mom is afraid of technology, like most 60 something year old grandmas. She has trouble using the Blueray dvd player at home and she refuses to turn on the computer because she's worried about "breaking it".

I gave her my old iPhone, telling her that it's ok to break it because I can always just reset back to factory settings and restore her things from iCloud and it will be all ok again. She won't break it and spend money on a new phone. So right now, she's holding on to the phone and making calls over the network and FaceTime. Good times.

See, the latest updates are meant for newer versions of iPhones and iPads. By upgrading older versions of iPhones, we are making it worse. It is now slower than EVER to load any app, and battery life seems to go out the window. Apple used to promise quality products and updates. The tagline was "it just works." Now, it just works sometimes.

It is a business strategy to make something with a short lifespan. customers will be forced to buy a new phone every 1-2 years and that keeps mobile phone companies alive. Companies will not be able to make huge profits just by selling a top notch quality phone that lasts a lifetime.

-- The unbreakable Nokia.

However this is a very environmentally unfriendly move.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My first Les Exclusifs de Chanel.

Chanel Les Exclusifs. Absolutely one of the best fragrances I bought in years.

I've always had a soft spot for all things Chanel. Makeup, fragrance, designer bag and the little black jacket. I try to walk past Chanel every time I'm in town, just to have a peek at the newest things they have on display. Just search for Chanel on this little site and you'll kind of know how much I love Chanel.

My iPhone 4S takes blurry photos.

I guess I wasn't imagining things when I thought the camera on my iPhone 4S was taking crappy photos.

Like everyone else, I take lots of photos with my phone to share my life with family and friends around the world. It's one way we break down the barrier that is distance, and keep everyone updated and involved in our lives. I know what my sister-in-law is doing on her vacation in Cairns, and J knows I am having latte with biscuits. It feels like we were never apart.

-- Mmmm coffeeeeeeeee

Then iOS 7 came along and ruined everything.
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