Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Metrosexual and such.

I'm piggin' out on kiwi gelato right now, shortly after I woke up from my long long nap. Actually, I overslept. I even missed my mom's phone calls. I shall make a mental note to call her tomorrow morning. *Making mental note* Done.

The stuff below may not be written in a politically correct manner. If men, sexuality and opinion are sensitive topics for you, please click close right now and leave, never to return.

I'm sure everyone is aware of the different categories of men. There's the straight guy, the gay guy, the bi guy, the snag and the metrosexual. Somehow I get the impression that some people have limited categories for men. There's only the straight, gay and bi since the snag and the metrosexual will fall under the 'gay' banner. For some, there's not even a bi category because they regard those men as gay, people who sell out the straight category by experimenting with the opposite camp. Is that right? Well as for me, the snag and metrosexuals belong to the straight camp.

Anyway I'm not here to categorize men, just to sort out the homo, snag and metrosexual peeps. Why are the snags and metrosexual labeled gay? To be honest, I'm not really a fan of snaggy people so I shall not defend them.

The metrosexuals are the newest guys on the block. Despite the term 'sexual' in the word, it has nothing to do with sexuality so don't you confuse them with something weird that you just thought of.

Anyway this species take care of themselves well, sometimes even better than girls themselves. They know the right product for the skin care regimen and have several bottles of hair products to care for their crowning glory. Note: Shampoo and conditioner are NOT regarded as hair products, more of a personal hygiene essential. They work out. They make the effort to dress well. And they always look so well-groomed! Not a hair out of place.

Let's face it. These are the kind of guys most girls want. Why would we want a slobbering couch potato with questionable personal hygiene close to a 3 yr old, dressed in shorts and worn out t-shirts from yester-years beside us? These guys are not boyfriend material, so if you happen to own one right now, you might want to start training them now.

I digress. But my point is that a metrosexual is not a homo. You can't call a guy who takes care of himself really well gay, can you? No doubt, gay guys take care of themselves well too. Think the Fab 5 from Queer Eye. How do you tell if a metrosexual is gay? If he's holding hands with a man. If he sashays instead of walking. If he does the little hand thing, flicking it up and down like your usual tai-tais would. If he ogles at the gorgeous hunk of a man instead of Miss Universe when she waves at him.

I shall stop. Not because I have nothing to write.. ok because I have nothing to write.

Monday, September 27, 2004


It's the mid-term break and since yours truly still has no intention/motivation to work on her thesis despite the looming deadline (2 weeks from now), this article is published.

Note: I don't think the above sentence is coherent nor making any sense. I don't really know and I don't really care. Which is worse? =/ *shrugs*

I was talking to some friends and I can say confidently that most people have the wrong perception of what is sexy (or not). Many seem to think that sexy IS sleazy, which is so very wrong and unfair. Sexy does not come from showing acres upon acres of flesh a la Lil' Kim. If you don't know who she is, do a search on her and you will know. Sexy is not piling on the makeup till you look like a geisha when you step out into the light. You do not call the scantily clad hooker round the corner sexy. That is just skanky.

Personally I feel that sexy is a mindset, something like confidence. A person does not have to show skin to be sexy. Being effortlessly chic is the key.

Some people seem to think that sexy is not a COMPLIMENT, but rather an insult and a not-so-subdued wakeup call. Is that coming from years of brainwashing by misinformed folks or what? If you go "eww" when the word "sexy" is brought up, you might belong to the misinformed bunch.

Perhaps it has something to do with being in Asia, I don't know. Asians are generally more conservative compared to people in Europe and the US. The middle-eastern folks belong to a whole new category because they have an alternative perception of women. Think the Taliban and how women should not be seen at all. We shall ignore this bunch of people. Anyway most of us have been ingrained with the idea that sexy is bad since young, so bad that your soul might just burn in hell should you endorse sexiness. But we grow up. We see different people and different things. We learn and redefine.

Sexy does not equal sleazy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bloody photo-uploader.

I was happily trying to include pictures of my beautiful dream bags WHEN the 'Hello' software (recommended by blogger.com to upload photos) messed things up. It will upload the photo, but as an individual entry by itself. What the hell... You can't simply just put it in the middle of your entry as you like. Sheesh...

I spent like nearly 1 hour trying to figure out how to put the pictures into my entry, when I should be typing out my report. I was so excited to the idea of posting photos, but that excitement evolved to frustration, and shortly after, to utter disgust and anger. It's so user-UNFRIENDLY. But what can I do? There is nothing else out there I can use to upload photos to blogger.com.

Bleah. But anyway you can now see the beautiful bags. That's one good news. I shall add photos in my future entries. Keep a lookout for them!

Inner shopaholic.

The inner shopaholic in me has surfaced once more. And no I don't mean your regular shopping, buying-nitty-gritty-stuff-on-a-whim shopaholic. What I'm talking about here is the full-fledged addiction to shopping. It's a little like the kid you see wailing at the toys department because the parents refuse to buy the huge box of toy. Just that it's a lot more expensive now. And without that much wailing, smacking from parents and unwanted attention from onlookers.

It is a calculated scheme to get the thing you want, and more often than not, it costs quite a lot too. It can go up to as much as a poor worker's monthly salary (read: the near thousand region). You plan. You budget. You badger your parents/relatives. You beg. You will do anything to get it. Although you do all these with the end product in mind, the process to get it can be bittersweet and just as satisfying as well.

1. Months/years of saving only to realise you still aren't anywhere near that figure.
2. Badgering your loved ones for it for months on end.
3. Begging anyone who would listen.
4. Badgering anyone who refuses to listen.
5. Sobbing because you still don't have it.
6. Sobbing to gain sympathy from people around you, hoping they get it.
7. Sobbing to irritate people around you, hoping they get it to stop the racket you are causing.
8. Making promises that you won't ask for ANYTHING for YEARS should they relent to get it for you.
9. Breaking those promises once you set your mind on another thing.

The cycle goes on. At least for me. I usually start from step 1 to 4, and skipping all that to step 8 and 9.

Ok, speaking of my shopping addiction. I'm extremely excited about Louis Vuitton lately. I thought the phase has passed but I guess it is making a comeback. I have a few things in mind. To all you kind people out there who wants to make my day, please read on. To the rest who is not keen on getting them for me, please do read on as well, just in case you want to buy me something in the very near/distant future.

The first one. I would very much like bright red LV papillon bag. See the photo below. Isn't it fantastic?? It is SOOO adorable. =) I guess I better stop now before I sound overly bimbotic.

Here comes the second one. It's bigger and cute too. The one that Jessica Simpson has.

Sigh. There's actually more but I guess I shall not continue shocking everyone who's reading now. Let's close that mouth of yours, don't be afraid. Anyway I shall drop more hints to the people around me. Hopefully I can get them (or at least one of them) by this Christmas!!! Wish me luck. ^________^

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Personality test.

Took a test I got off Desmond's blog. =D To understand me better, please read the following.

You are Orange Wolf type, who is plain and simple.
You give an impression of being very clean and tidy.
You don't get shy and are open sort of woman.
You are very straight forward in that you do not really care about the others feelings and emotions.
Therefore people think you lack feminine consideration.
You are intelligent person, and have wide knowledge.
You will not be influenced by emotions and therefore can make decisions objectively.
You can express your individuality well, but in personal life, you tend to build a wall around you and will not let others intrude your life.
This makes you open to criticism.
You think high of your private life, and may not be able to see the situation you are placed.
You can make calm decisions, and your criticism may give a wrong impression of you, but really you are kind and generous person.
To those who can read your true feelings, they will appreciate your greatness.
You don't have any wicked feelings, and are person of pure heart.
You show humane generosity to people around you.
You don't care about public opinion, and you live your life at your own pace.
You will take time as long as you think is necessary before you come up with conclusion that you believe to be reasonable.
And once you decide on things, you will go for a long term version, and your result will be consistent and steady.
You can observe men well, and will choose by taking your future into consideration.
After getting married, you will be better at being a mother than a wife.
You will not depend on your husband so much and will have an ideal family.

Quite true. The stuff in pink and italics are the ones you should remember. I am all those things. I feel so great now. It's good to be me.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

For nothing.

Haven't posted anything in a week and I guess I write something just for the sake of 'updating'.

Nothing good happened in the past 7 days. Had 2 tests and I think math is not a big problem but telecommunications is. T_T I mugged. I went. And I crashed. And oh, I didn't sleep for 2 days.

Enjoyed relatively good weather this week, if that's any consolation. I can finally wear 3/4 pants and my white Birkenstocks out to soak up a bit of sun. Kept my hoodie on because it's still quite windy. Nevertheless, the sun is finally out and about in Sydney.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Body image.

Something's been bugging me for a long time. How skinny do you have to be to be healthy? Don't get me wrong, I can tell the difference between anorexic and obese. But how do you judge those in between? Does it mean that not fitting into a size M or S or even smaller, makes you morbidly FAT AND UNHEALTHY? I feel that our perception on the 'acceptable' range is way too twisted. Especially in Asia. Girls aim to be skinny, so skinny that they are flat-chested with bones jutting out painfully at the hips and shoulders.

Reading doesn't help you either. Consider all the girls' and women's magazines with all the beautiful people posing and on front covers. Some local ala singaporean celebrities (singaporus pseudo-celebritus) can even say things like "I eat only veggies because it has no fat. No fried noodles for me since it has so much calories! Do you know how much I have to work out just to eat a plate of fried noodles?!"

Note the word pseudo-celebritus. I don't regard them as celebrities because
1) they are as untalented as the moulding white cabbage in the dumpster,
2) they are no Hollywood success stories (working 4 jobs, waiting for the big chance to superstardom)

3) they earn peanuts and can be fugly. Think the Mok something woman. GOD.

Anyway my point is, girls should have the right to eat whatever they want. And they better eat everything, and not just steam veg with plain water just to look wafer thin. Fried chicken is finger lickin' good. Imagine the crispy skin crunching when you sink your teeth into them. Bliss.

Oh one last question before I end this entry. Does it help if I tell you I still fit into a skirt I bought in primary 6? ^_____^

Go figure.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Passion of the Christ.

Just caught the movie on dvd and it was riveting. Violent, painful and almost suffocating the resident critic with grief.

For all the Christians who have caught the movie at one point or another, they will probably feel either Jewish priests/people were ignorant then and sadistic, or they would just skip all that and feel so much more closer to God and their faith strengthened by it. It is almost as if you are there, watching the one person who has come to save you, suffer right before your eyes. You almost want to leap out there and put an end to all that punishment.

For all atheists or people of other faiths, you might feel that this one person, Jesus aka Yehovah(let's hope I get this right) , is either
1) mad to undergo all that suffering, or
2) deranged to believe that He is actually the Son of Man, or
3) pitiful to be subjected to those punishment

The movie is violent, not machine-gun-firing-amok kind of violent, just corporal punishment i-whack-till-you-bleed violent. The resident critic must honestly admit that apart from the violent scenes, she finds the flashback scenes, His unwavering dignity (courtesy of Jim Caviezel), and the pain of Mary extremely moving. The betrayal, acknowledgement, faith and kindness (of some people) will just bring you to the edge.

I find the lack of compassion and the push for violence gut-wrenching. No man deserves to be subjected to such inhumane punishment. It is sadistic to enjoy seeing a person suffer, and put him through more pain just because it makes them happy. Senseless violence. I believe the ultimate evil comes from man. Who else would take pride in inflicting great pain to another?

Thursday, September 09, 2004


I like this song, Color blind by Counting Crows. I heard the song from the movie "Cruel Intentions" and I find the movie pretty good too. Something different from your usual teen flicks.

I realise that Counting Crows is a decent group. Their songs somehow have this ability to stay in your head for ages. Let me put it this way: You hear their songs all the time, and somehow you will go "Oh I've heard this, but I have no idea who sang it."

Learnt a new word today using Microsoft Word's synonyms. "Cavalier" -- offhand, casual

I suddenly want a pair of earphones, just for fun since the ones I'm using are not broken yet. Someone please buy me a pair of Bang & Olufsen earphones. I will be eternally grateful to that person, if I remember who buys it for me. =) Any volunteers? Better yet, just get me the sound system + cool lookin' CD player. If you don't know which one, please leave me a message and I will forward brochures to you, with the one I want circled in bright chili red ink.

It's ok if you can't afford it. You can make a charitable donation to "Buy Rach B&O Earphones/Sound System Foundation" via Paypal or just send me a cheque.

Monday, September 06, 2004

People who don't reply.

Just logged on and found out that this is my 61st post! I have a feeling that I'm a creative, proliferative thinker. Quite shameless to say that of myself. *shrugs* I always know that I'm constantly going through something in my head, be it trivial stuff such as what I'm going to have for dinner later, rehearsing in my head what I'm going to do step by step, task by task. Or thinking about important stuff like why is the world in such a sorry mess and why is china/us behaving like a big schoolyard bully/asswipe to every other country. Then again, I don't like China.

Anyway I digress.

In my 61st post, I would like to complain about people who DO NOT respond to you when you message them on msn/icq. What's up with these people?! If you are busy or away, please do not make yourself available to others. Answering other people a few days after with the excuse "Sorry but I was busy/away when you messaged me n-th day ago" just doesn't cut it.

Some people don't even reply at all. Period. They think they are the greatest gifts from God that they can just ignore your messages, no matter how urgent they can be. If you want to avoid some people because you hate their guts, please delete them from your list. If you don't want to talk to a selective group of people, tell them to stop messaging. Using the silent treatment is wasting both parties' time. Have the guts to tell some people to f*** off.

Personally I am sick and tired of this bunch of I-can't-make-the-effort-to-answer-you people.

False hope.

Just got back from school. Had a meeting with my team on one of my assignments so I brought my notebook to school. God bless this little piece of machine when it picked up available WIRELESS signals in school. Usually it doesn't pick up anything but ever since I updated Window XP's Service Pack 2, the wireless thing came to life. Whatever.

I was so excited when it picked up the school's wireless network... The thought of downloading movies or any extremely large piles popped into my mind. I was deliriously happy. With a sense of anticipation of what to come, I tried to access it and I was actually online. When I clicked on IE, it couldn't connect. I was confused now, thinking out loud like I always do, exclaiming loudly in the CSE cafe, "I'm online but I can't go to any webpages? I can't download mails off my Outlook Express?!?!"

And as usual people were looking at me, but I didn't care. I was too preoccupied with myself. What happened to my free internet connection?! My Saiyuki Reload, my Scrubs, my Queer Eye... All bloody gone!! I couldn't really shout out loud or anything since there were too many people around but I was genuinely disappointed. No choice but to continue my meeting. *sulk*

You might say, "why are you so cheapskate? Just register with the school and use the wireless network lah..." To all who are reading this, it COSTS to use the wireless network in school. They charge you a dollar per login. It is free when you visit website in the school domain, but other stuff like downloading mails to Outlook Express, visiting Hotmail or websites OUTSIDE of school, they charge you per kb. I am a poor student, alrite? No extra money to burn after all my other expenses.

Anyway I'm quite tempted to take shots of my uni, so that I can look back years later and congratulate myself that I survive 4 years of pure intellectual torture. Furthermore I think my uni is quite nice lookin', cool lookin' futuristic look with a dash of history (read: old buildings). Let's see if my Panasonic Lumix is up to it.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Good girl.

You Are a Good Girl!

You're into fun - but it has to be your own brand of fun
Drinking? No thanks. You rather spend your time differently...
Whether it's talking with friends, taking up a hobby, or reading
You're not the type to socialize just for socializing's sake!

Are You a Party Girl? Take This Quiz!

Guess I'm not a wild child. Just a very quiet stay-at-home girl. =/

Friday, September 03, 2004


You Are A Total Shopaholic!

You have a keen eye for spotting trends before they are hot
And sometimes your credit rating takes a beating as a result
Consider a job in retail to subsidize your gorgeous outfits
Over time, you could become a famous stylist or designer!

Are You a Shopaholic? Take This Quiz :-)

I always knew I have it in me. ^____^ It's a higher calling.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Shucks. Posted my previous entry before I got to the point.

Anyway I have this habit of playing something on my tv all the time. Not because I watch what's going on, but for the sake of having some noise and moving images.

I'm staying alone. And I have this thing about being alone, in dark rooms and empty house. My imagination will run all over the place, courtesy of watching too many horror flicks such as the Ring. Or I'll be ultra alert to the noises around me when everything is switched off, listening for footsteps of potential burglars. I'll freak myself out or go crazy.

Revising my telecommunications crap now. I don't know what's going on... what's up with amplitude modulation!? And single sideband and double sideband amplitude modulation!??! I haven't got a single clue.

The X Files.

Just caught the VERY FIRST episode of X files today on tv. The one where Scully was first assigned to investigate Mulder. Quite surprised. I have always been a X-philiac, quite the conspiracy buff I should say. Ask me anything, the All-seeing eye and pyramid + New world order (masonic symbols) on the US dollar note, ancient technology, Area 51 in New Mexico, conspiracy theories on Christianity etc. I can give you a lecture. If only there's a uni course or degree on this.

Some people think it's weird or should I say, blasphemous of me to be so interested in these things, especially on the Christian faith. I can only say I'm a curious person, especially on the what-could-have-beens. It's my hobby to read up on these things, and there are so many things out there that could have been a major cover-up. So major that we will not believe otherwise if we are told the truth. Victor always looks at me different, like I'm mad or something, when I get so absorbed while reading these stuff. He's the scientific one, the skeptical one. Hmm.

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