Saturday, October 16, 2004


These few days are going to be uneventful, since I would probably be clearing my deadlines frantically before my family arrives on Monday.

I'm not lying, in case you think I'm just trying to blow things outta proportion. Let me outline the schedule for everyone.

Monday: Essay due. Family here. Entertain them. Prepare slides
Tuesday: Math test. Entertain family. Prepare slides
Wednesday: Entertain family. Prepare slides.
Thursday: Computing presentation.
Friday: Lab in the morning. Another lab in the afternoon. Thesis presentation.
Sunday: Computing assignment due.

I'm so dead. How am I going to do all that? I don't have any superpowers ok. *weeps silently*

And I had a weird dream last night, of a certain teacher. I have been plagued by dreams of this teacher for years I tell you. For years. God, I must be going crazy.

I'm sinking fast... Drowning. I seriously need divine intervention. Can anyone hear my pleas for help? *gurgles*

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