Sunday, October 24, 2004


Thought I separate this post from the last since it's on totally different subject.

Anyway after my thesis presentation, it got me thinking. It's like a wakeup call because realistically speaking, I will be graduating in 6 months' time if I don't fail anything this semester and the next. And the moment I get that paper (read: certificate), it would seriously mark the end of childhood, either acknowledged or otherwise.

I won't be able to laze around since I HAVE to get a real job and start ACTING my age. I will have to live in the real world, where there will no longer be any real vacations till I retire. When you are schooling, you get term breaks that can last for 3 months! Now, I don't think I can apply for leave for 3 weeks, much less 3 months. They would just fire me.

I will then earn my own money, which will be chicken shit since the economy is in the dumps now. People, please wake up. Don't believe what your government and newspapers are tellin' you. Do you SERIOUSLY think that the economy is recovering? Some people really do. Ignorant, gullible fools. I can hear my mom going "$1600 is quite a good starting pay... do you see the number of unemployed on the street? Don't be picky...." It's chicken shit for the work I have to do. It shouldn't be that low, honest.

Gone are the days where I can wake up and just snuggle in bed with my comfy comfy blanket. I'm not sure I was even up during those times. I can just pry my eyes open and watch whatever junk that's playing on tv. I can watch cartoon network and the simpsons all day long. But NOOOO, when you join the WORK FORCE, you are supposed to tranform into this mature business-like adult. Watching cartoons and crap tv shows will be your secret life that only your siblings and parents should know about. Even then you have to make them sign an agreement never to speak of such a thing or deny its very existence in blood. Outsiders, including extended family who know about your secret life have to be silenced. Immediately. It would definitely spoil your chances of climbing the corporate ladder if they know, wouldn't it?

I can no longer order Happy Meals at McDonald's when I join the workforce, even though I would kill or give up a limb or two to have the toys. I will simply not lie that I have a few children at home who are bugging me for the toys. Waaait a minute. I just thought of the BEST excuse ever. I can just say that I'm on a diet and a child's serving is just what I need! Ok, this excuse will void this paragraph totally.

There will be expectations as well. Some people, especially asswipe relatives, will keep bugging you about what POSITION you hold now. They would think that it's like school, where you get promoted to the next level every year. Bleahz... I can sooooo imagine what their faces are when I tell them I'm still the lowly assistant. And that's if I get the position of an assistant in the first place.

Heard LucasFilm is opening in Singapore. God, I would love to work there. If you've been reading this blog, you would know that I want to work in this industry. Or the gaming industry. Again, I would give up my remaining limbs (leftover from getting Happy Meals) to get a job in either of the industry.

Anyway a lot of things will have to change once I graduate and get a job. I may have to pretend I'm this grown-up when I'm not. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to graduation! I've had it with education for now and I want it to stop. Badly. It's a catch 22, and I may just be trading in some bad for something far far worse than I can imagine.

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