Sunday, October 24, 2004


The family left on Thursday and it had been one of the busiest weeks for me. I put my life, i.e. my assignments and lectures, on hold to bring them out and sightsee. It was ok though... nothing much happened.

And I think my math test has gone to doggy heaven. I mean, it's so different from the tutorial and past year questions! Oh well.. it's over so there's nothing much I can do anyway. My presentations went well I think because the 2 lecturers who were there didn't complain much. My supervisor, on the other hand, took the Q&A session much too seriously. The audience had nothing to ask, so he VOLUNTEERED some questions. *shocked* We did out best and gave him some vague answers. I mean, c'mon!! Like I would know what series of Oracle servers are capable of spatial information. I don't even know what the question really mean. Bleah.

Right now I'm rushing my assignments. =/ I have 1 essay, 1 lab, 1 computing/drawing assignment and 2 actual computing (aka programming) assignments to do. I hate this semester. Seriously.

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