Friday, November 19, 2004

10 days.

It's been 10 days since I've added anything to my blog. I'm so tired.

In 10 days, I've

used 180 sheets of paper,
drank about 16 mugs of mocha,
had about 15 takeaways,
went through 8 textbooks (not every single page of course),
8 McDonald's sausage and egg McMuffins,
5 hours of sleep per day,
4 papers and
1 day when I was almost on the verge of breakdown.

I'm drained. I have about 7 days to go till my next paper, and exactly next Friday, I will be free!!!

I feel just like an inmate who knows she has exactly 1 week till freedom. Can't wait!

Then again, I will start to panic since my results will be out anytime in December. =( It's a torture.. and if I flop anything, I will have to endure 1 more semester of uni. NOOOoooooo !!!

Not sure if I would write more after my exam, since I would probably get away from books, computers and any sort of writing material for a while. =/

I need a vacation.

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