Thursday, November 04, 2004

Random stuff.

Bush won the election. What can I say? As much as I support Kerry/Edwards, I had a gut feeling Bush would win. Things that can go wrong, will definitely go wrong. And worse things will definitely follow.

11 days to exams and I have no business poking my nose into US politics since I'm not the one running for presidency. Drafting the timetable to study is already a big headache, not to mention revising the actual content for 6 subjects. Thankfully I don't have to be tested on my thesis. That's 1 less subject to revise.

Trying to find a job for summer holz. Somehow I heard I wasn't going to get paid, which is making things a lot worse. I guess I had enough of getting money from my parents, and I can't spend on whatever I like because it's my parents who will be "paying" me. Basket. Why are companies in Singapore so cheapskate? Pay the students. They are NOT a cheap/free source of labour. You want free labour? Get your own family to do it. Even then, they may not want to do it either.

Read in a clause in my uni that explains why all students should be paid. In a way, the company acknowledges you as a staff, albeit a temporary one. You will then be covered for all accidents and what not. Furthermore, I should be getting 80-100% of the actual renumeration for a newcomer since I'm already in my 4th year of study. And that amount actually works out to be $1800-2400 per month. I feel like I've been ripped off. tmd.....

At the moment I have my eye on several stuff. 1 pair of shoes, 1 skirt and 1 top which sum up to $240. Shocking and obscene amount of money for a casual retail therapy session, which is why I'm putting a lot of thought into this. I can't really afford it now, since I'm not going to get effin' paid for my labour. *ponders* I guess I can afford 2 out of 3, provided I get financial support from people around me. *major hint*

Someone asked me a weird question out of the blue and caught me by surprise. Can I accept a guy who's younger than me as a boyfriend? And what's the limit? I guess I can accept a younger guy, afterall I've been surrounded by younger guys all my life. Limit? erm.. 2 years. How come no one ask me if I can accept older guys?! *puzzled*

Bush's making his acceptance speech now. Irritating ape. But I must agree Laura Bush looks more dignified as the First Lady than Theresa Heinz Kerry. However that should not be the sole reason why people should vote for Bush. I talked to a few friends in US, and despite the major efforts to get youngsters to vote, they did not vote. Basically it boils down to this:

1) the queues get waaaaaay too long.
2) their votes won't count (probably, since they are in republican states. Mostly.)
3) america loses, when either one wins. So there's no point voting.

Sighz.... so many problems.

So many what-ifs.

So many regrets.

My life is pretty much, in a mess now.

p.s. I forgot to add I like James Spader in my previous post.

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