Friday, November 05, 2004

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Oh god. Just caught the world's first preview of Star Wars III. It is good I tell you.

Darth Vader is finally turning baaad. And I really hope the movie turns out well. *fingers crossed* The graphics look good and 1 particular scene looks a tad too "LOTR", complete with lava and what looked like a floating eye on top on a mountain.

Oh well. Sith lord....... I'm hyperventilating. I'm that excited.

I'm blogging at 6.45am. It's shocking but I just have to announce that I'm suffering from insomnia. I can't sleep at night anymore. =(

If you can find the trailer online, download and watch it. You will forget the disaster that were Episode I and II, and lose yourself in the entire series all over again.

"Luke, I am your father." -- Darth Vader


marsque said...

Helllooo babe! Joanne here from Sin City .. Mat passed me ur blog addie... =) Long time no see.. haha jus a note to tell ya i've been readin ur blog! In case u dun rem, i am the gal who sat in front of u in NY sec 3-4.. heh =)

Min said...

hi Jo! of course i remember you. =] Miss Lala-faithe. The one who gave me the char siew bao ruler. I remember, Jo. Hope you are well and not bored by my blog/incessant rant. *grinz*

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