Monday, December 27, 2004

Public transport and irritants.

I hate taking public transport. Most people around me know this because I simply can't stand how inconsiderate and boorish some commuters are.

To the crowd on the platform at Jurong East MRT Interchange:

Please do not block the doors. If people can't get off, you can't get in either because there simply isn't enough room on the damn train. Just fucking stand on both sides and wait.

Please stop jostling. No matter how you push and force your way through the patient crowd (read: me), you WILL STILL not get a good standing nor sitting place on the crowded train. End of story. So stop pushing or I'll bloody stab you in the neck.

To the fat chick next to me on the 170 bus when I was standing:

Girl, no matter how intellectual you want others to believe you are, refrain from reading WHILE standing on a crowded bus. Please grab hold of the poles or handles. I hate it when your entire weight shifts and crashes onto me. My frail body cannot take this kind of abuse, not when I just recovered from tonsillitis. And if you really want to appear intellectual, go read or hold onto some really classic and foreign looking materials, like french newspaper or a collection of 16th century french poetry.

And if you really have to read on the bus, please consider the situation you are in before embarking on such a image publicity stunt. Read only when

1) you have a seat,
2) you have to memorise and translate the abovementioned 16th century french poems to save your entire family, whose lives are in the evil clutches of a french drug lord/mafia.

Otherwise please hide your copy of "The Dark Highlander". It doesn't appears to be very impressive when you are reading about Highlanders. Stupid shit.

To the minah-looking chinese ah lian next to me when I got a seat:

Stop fucking fling your hair in my direction. I do not like your hair being flung in my face. I know it's brown-streaked and maybe rebonded, but I seriously do not give a flying fuck about your hair. You beware that someone might just yank your hair out one day because you fling it in his/her face. You hear it from here first.

Stop trying to lean your weight on me while trying to peer outside at the traffic. Don't assume that I am part of the seat nor I do not mind you leaning on me. I am not part of the seat and I do mind. Especially when you stink and your hair keeps brushing up and down my right arm. I do not like that. Throughout the entire ride, I was thinking of how to write this down on my blog, and how to cause you the grievous bodily harm that you rightly deserve.

Stop irritating me or I'll really cause you such grievous bodily harm that your family has to identify you from your spotty dental records. Mark my word, minah-looking ah lian.


Public Announcement.

Christmas has came and went. This year is the first Christmas I spend at home. Well, the first time since I last challenged my boundaries.

Tonsillitis is no joke, people. You can't eat, swallow, talk or drink without wishing you were dead most of the time. You are reduced to making gurgle-like sounds and people around you have to constantly guess what you are trying to say ("I am in pain"). Like when you are trying to figure out what gurgling baby wants. It's that. It doesn't help when your family is having a feast (chicken wings, curry etc.) when you are trying to carefully drink your porridge so that you don't scrape off half your throat with each swallow. Half the time you are wondering how come your porridge isn't

1) mushed up enough (to avoid excessive chewing),
2) overly watery (to aid, or rather reduce peristalsis since it hurts like no tomorrow),
3) and how come no one mechanically blends your porridge into baby food-like paste.

Seriously, tonsillitis is baaad. Wish it on your enemies. Even then, I find it too harsh a punishment to wish it on your enemies.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, so that I can live vicariously through each and every one of your joyous experiences.

On another note, the pantry in my office is shockingly and embarassingly bare. Usually we have

1) hot-chocolate-wannabe milo,
2) Nescafe coffee,
3) Lipton's 'premium' black tea, and
4) sugar.

My own private stash of green tea is carefully concealed in the tiny corner of my desk.

Anyway I ran out of green tea, and the office's supply of milo and sugar ran out on me today. I would rather die that to drink instant coffee. Mainly due to the fact that I hate coffee(it makes me pukish) and the taste of instant coffee is comparable to bland dishwater. It's a fact. No matter how 'premium' the label on the jar claims to be, instant coffee is still crap. I have a mug of cold, unsweetened black tea on my desk now. The taste of it is likened to dishwater as well. I simply won't drink it. Over my dead body. End of story.

I'm being the whiny cowardly intern here. Simply because I don't know who to go to regarding the "lack of refreshment in the pantry" situation. Should I go to my manager and say

"Erm... excuse me. Sorry for interrupting your important phone call. I have a problem. The office is currently out of drinkable artificially taste-enhanced liquids. Can you please bring a 2kg pack of milo and sugar to the office tomorrow? I can't survive throughout the rest of the working day without a fix. Many thanks."

I will so get the door slammed in my face. Well I shall be even more diplomatic (read: cowardly) by bringing my own supply tomorrow so that unnecessary conflict can be avoided.

It's Xueling's birthday tomorrow and Happy birthday, Girl! I haven't seen her in years and I simply can't wait. =)

It was Shiqi's birthday yesterday (26/12) and at, the editor-in-chief believes in "No Friend/Family Left Behind" policy. So Happy Birthday* to you too, girl! *beams* Hope you love all your presents.

* abovementioned birthday has already passed.


Blogger is a gigantic piece of shit.

Condolences to my original posting, which on 27/12/04 was forcefully taken from us due to an Internet Explorer "Can't find server" error. Let us observe a minute of silence for the post that could have changed the world into a better place. (Cue the contrived Michael Jackson song in the background)

Any grievous outpour in spirit or monetary (monetary being the preferred outpour) will be warmly and gratefully received. All donations and get-well-from-missing-post cards can be made to

Ms Morose 'N'Grieving Lee
1 Jalan Missing,
BloggerBuang Gardens,
Singapore 000100

The article above is a re-typed version of my original post.

Monday, December 20, 2004


I can't understand the big hoo-ha over banning gay marriages. I mean, a high number of straight marriages are heading towards divorces anyway, so why should people oppose to same sex marriages if both parties are willing to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together till death do them part? Surely the sanctity of marriage is not compromised if 2 people, homo or not, spend the rest of their lives honoring their marriage.

I get the fact that some places are exceptionally sensitive towards the homosexuals, quoting them as abominations and other unfavourable names. Some places even deny jobs and certain welfares to this category of people simply because of their sexual orientation. Surely a democratic society based on meritocracy should be well aware that such unfair treatment of people contradicts the so-called society they claim to be.

Again I can't really fathom the ingrained notion that some people have towards HIV and AIDS. Even the educated middle class firmly believes that ONLY homos get HIV, and straight people don't get it. Oh, and chances of contracting such a disease is sooo slim that protection is just redundant. Oh c'mon. I mean, has education failed us so terribly that we can solve 2nd order differential equation but fail to comprehend the cause and effect of such a deadly virus?

Such misconception might only be explained by Asian's take towards morality and decorum. Apparently it's rude to mention sexual orientations, STDs and other related topics in public, which is probably why less and less people understand ANYONE can get the disease. I understand the part about declining birth rate and the need to have more babies. However let us not forget that as society opens up to more liberal ideas, asking/pushing for abstinence from the public is good as not conveying any message at all. Tolerance and the need to preach safe sex are crucial to winning this battle. Simply put, do what you like but do it safely.

Hiding 'embarassing' explanations does not help and one can only hope that both the people and the governing bodies look at this situation in a more grown-up and clinical manner. There's nothing embarassing about teaching everyone on such sensitive topics. Is human life worth risking just to preserve social decorum?

End of rant.


I think I'm getting sick or something. First it started off like a nose allergy and after 1 pill, it looks like flu complete with splitting migraine and unexpected puking.

I've been healthy for ages, never sick when I was in Aus and now that I'm back, everything seems to hit me with a vengeance. Bleah. Gotta go see a doc I guess and I have no guts to apply for a day's leave since
a) I'm a lowly intern,
b) I pulled some strings to get the job,
c) all of the above.

I hate being sick.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Slap 'em silly.

Every morning I read the news online. Well, by every morning, I mean during periods of time when work hasn't officially start yet.

Anyway I came across an article in the forum by some miopic nutjob, proclaiming the greatness of a certain M&M politician and the great level of democracy people of the island enjoy. God I wanted to laugh out loud and slap that fella silly. Can anyone be more brainwashed than that? I shan't answer that in case some Big Brother-esque figure pays me a visit and erases my existence from a tiny island in Asia.

Well according to the miopic reader (not in verbatim), the island would not be what it is today if not for the great foresight of M&M and his fella melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands cronies. Ok he didn't use the word cronies but oh well. The passage continued to praise his leadership, which has brought prosperity and peace to the country etc.. and shit like that. And the success of the certain party comes from its great management and efficiency, in which fairness and no forms of bias play a part in the formation of the Great Party. C'mon, get a grip.

No one, and I mean no one will ever know if the Island would be a better place should another politician be its leader. Unless you have a way of going back in time to experiment, or you have a way to take a glimpse into the parallel universe to check out the Island. No chance in hell can you say for certain that another leader would not be able to accomplish as much. He may have accomplished some great shit during his years but please do not regard him as the Great Leader or 'The Best Thing That Island Had". Because that's beginning to sound like North Korea. A lot.

Efficiency and great management. How big a propaganda piece can this article be? Ask anyone and they would mumble under their breath that they don't dare NOT to vote for the Party, since it may void them of the chance to get upgrades and better facilities. Unbias? My arse.

My point is that, people ought to open their eyes more. Use your brains and analyse. See past all the hypocrisy.

I shall stop preaching political sentiments now. For today.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Childhood fantasy 1

Just heard the song "More than words" by Extreme over the radio in the office. Well, it's someone else's radio and all I could hear was faint sounds. Nonetheless I'm extremely convinced that I heard "More than words" since I'm sober, not under the influence and very awake.

When I was an impressionable child of 13, I heard the song More than words and it meant the entire world to me for no apparent reason. I wasn't in love or anything like that but still. I made a promise to myself. This is the kind of promise you hide in your subconscious and not make known to the public, and when it does get fulfilled, your face lights up and you secretly smirk with glee.

Anyway the promise was that should any guy not under the influence/insane/coerced sing THAT song to me, that guy would be THE ONE.

Ok. This is really silly but I guess young impressionable girls of 13 believe in THE ONE. The only one you'll ever have to date. The perfect one that complements you. The one whom you would grow old with despite you looking like a tired old hag. You get the drift.

Fast forward to age 18. An age where I had forgotten the existence of the promise. Ok, sometimes I do get reminded of the promise when the song gets played on the radio. And since this is a rather old song, it rarely gets airtime.. Anyway bless my 18 yr old heart, some guy did sing the song to me. In the lecture theatre. Looking straight at me. Strumming a damn guitar no less. God, the existence of the promise came swarming back, hitting me right on and left me bewildered.

"Is he the one?"

Fast forward again to the rip old age of 23. Not only was the crooner NOT with me, we've never ever went out or anything. I'm with The Possible One, who can't sing, play a guitar to save his life or have an ounce of romance in him to salvage a relationship that may be sinking faster than Titanic. Anyway I shouldn't be complaining since there're much more unfortunate people out there, such as starving children in Somalia whom may not live to make such silly promises to themselves. The Possible One, well, can't do any of the 'romantic' stuff but at least I know he will be there for me when I turn into an insufferable old hag of a woman. So there. All I can say is that I will try to be happy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I'm bored out of my skin in the office. By the way, I'm in the office at the very present moment. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder so that someone doesn't spot me blogging in the middle of the working day. The boredom is so overwhelming that I am willing to risk my internship by bloggin in the office. Can you possibly imagine the intensity of it? I'm not even sure how you can measure boredom, so I guess the word "intensity" will suffice.

I'm a very conflicted person. Or rather I'm often in conflicting situations.. Not sure if that made sense but anyway I think I'm facing some serious shit. Not going to fool around now but apparently that jerk of a lecturer decided to flop me by a mark. Again.

By 'again', I don't mean to say that the same lecturer flopped me twice. But somehow I have trouble with electrical subjects. I have to take every electrical related subject twice. &(@!^# I'm not proud of this and I know it's nothing to be bragged about online.

Anyway that son of a &*#^$ lecturer decided to torture me by denying me 1 mark. 1 freakin' mark that could change my entire life and fortune. I've written him emails, telling him that his subject is all that is stopping me from graduating after 1 more semester. I don't know how to break this to my parents. As much as I know they will, I hope they don't give me the disappointed look.

Should I go "Hey I took 7 subjs this semester and I scored 4 distinctions! I flopped 1 but I got 4 DISTINCTIONS! Isn't that something?? Oh I have to do one more semester... but I got 4 distinctions! Please don't kill me."

Holy shit.

4 distinctions... and 1 satisfactory thesis, marred by 1 stupid tele subj taught by a china man.

I can't begin to describe my hatred for chinamen right now. Especially those cocky stupid sons of *&^#($^. I need a .22 and a couple of rounds. It'll be Columbine High all over again, just that only chinamen are targetted.

I need some serious prayers now. And if that screwball of a lecturer closes 1 eye and passes me, me life would be complete and I swear I will go easy on slammin' chinamen from now on.

p.s. people who are reading this, especially my family members, do not breathe a word of this particular entry to my family. I will find a way to break it to them as gently as possible. Just like my fall from grace. As gently as possible

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Yelling girls.

Everytime I open up blogger's "Create a post" screen, my mind goes blank. I forget what I want to talk about and most of the time I just log off.

Anyway I had my first working day on Friday and it was totally boring. People there were rather grownup and in the technical department (that's where I'm at), there're no other girls. There're about 5-6 females but they belong to the sales/accounts department and honestly speaking, I don't really know how I can fit it. This is still a small issue.

My day officially ends at 5.30pm so you cannot imagine how excited I was when it's 5.15pm and I was doing a private countdown of sorts. When 5.30pm came and went, the entire office remained as it was, and people were still doing their thing. The girls continued to chatter all the way across the office, even though they were free to go. Everyone seemed to try to outstay everyone else and leave later than they were supposed to. What's wrong with these people?

Being the newbie, I didn't dare to stride out of the office like I had been released from prison. I waited and waited till someone decided to leave. And that was close to 6pm.

I don't get it. You don't get extra pay for leaving late (we don't have have the punch card thingy so I guess there's no way to check). You impress no one by leaving late. How does that correspond to being hardworking? Leaving late doesn't mean you are doing more work. It just means you are too slow during the day. Anyway I just think it's odd that people stay around the office even when they have nothing to do.

The girls were shouting across the office, discussing publicly which Tiffany bracelet to buy in Hokkien. They were checking out eBay and the shouting drove me mad on Friday. I can't remember all the Hokkien that went on but it was something like this:

Girl1: Wah, the bracelet hor, is damn nice leh. Shiny shiny leh.
Girl2: Simi bracelet? You wear bracelet one ah? Mai waste money la... buy for what?
Girl1: There... the bracelet from eBay lor! You come here and see... damn nice hor?
Girl3: (dormant girl who came alive after hearing a deal) Har? Got bracelet kang tow ah? Eh help me check leh! I want the cheapest one.
Girl2: (goes to check out the item on eBay) Ok la... I like that one better leh...
Girl1: Oh yar hor.. then how? I cannot decide liao.. aiyoh no money to buy 2.. pok like that.

The entire day went on with the girls having the conversation across the office. Everyone had no choice but to accomodate to them. Holy hell.

Are offices usually like this?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I have been back for a week now and it has been a busy one.

Grandma suddenly got very sick and was admitted into the hospital. Totally unexpected. I was talking to her after dinner when she suddenly had problems breathing.. and the doctor's prognosis was not encouraging. In fact it was really bad. But now she's stable and I am so relieved.

Had my job interview today and it was alrite. The manager seemed friendly and slack. When I told him I could start work anytime, he told me to appear next week until I reminded him about my 60 working days requirement. -.- I start work this Friday and I wonder if I can wake up on time.

After my interview I waited at Buona Vista mrt station for Meng. It was both good and sad waiting there. I mean, ACJC was soooo near and yet I couldn't bring myself to visit it because I simply did now know what to say if I went back. Should I go "Hello, I schooled here a few years back and it was the best days of my life" or "Oh my, this is where I screwed up big time for A's. Nonetheless I still love the school." To be honest it was none of the responses. In all honesty I wasn't a prominent figure and I don't know anyone there. Going back would just be awkward.

Overall this past 7 days had been immensely tiring for the entire family. We had been at the hospital longer than we were at home. Anyhow it was worth it. It's great seeing grandma so alert and well after such an ordeal.

Afterall, she is the one who is always there for me since young.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Hmm.. after reading a certain post I made earlier, I guess I was a little delirious back then. I don't think I want my jc crush to be perfect for me now. I just want him to be my friend.


And I figure out that I'm actually a very confused person. Oh did I mention that I have bad bad dreams about a certain teacher? I'm having those dreams ever since I got back, which means it has been 2 days in a row. Definitely not good. I need a shrink.

The family's alright.. a little worried about my grandma. She didn't recognise me when I got home. She does now, after several reminders. She's ok but it doesn't really mean that she's in the pink. A little sad about it, because afterall she was the one who literally raised me since young. I so want her to be healthy and happy again.

I never really planned on having a blog that details every single event of my life. I wanted to write something that reflects my thoughts, however ingenius or ludicruous they may be. However, I realise that it has begun to be more on mundane stuff instead of the 'thoughts' I have. I plan to change that since it is neither interesting nor thought-provoking to read about someone's diet, bus trip or christmas list.

Let's see how things go.

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