Thursday, December 16, 2004

Childhood fantasy 1

Just heard the song "More than words" by Extreme over the radio in the office. Well, it's someone else's radio and all I could hear was faint sounds. Nonetheless I'm extremely convinced that I heard "More than words" since I'm sober, not under the influence and very awake.

When I was an impressionable child of 13, I heard the song More than words and it meant the entire world to me for no apparent reason. I wasn't in love or anything like that but still. I made a promise to myself. This is the kind of promise you hide in your subconscious and not make known to the public, and when it does get fulfilled, your face lights up and you secretly smirk with glee.

Anyway the promise was that should any guy not under the influence/insane/coerced sing THAT song to me, that guy would be THE ONE.

Ok. This is really silly but I guess young impressionable girls of 13 believe in THE ONE. The only one you'll ever have to date. The perfect one that complements you. The one whom you would grow old with despite you looking like a tired old hag. You get the drift.

Fast forward to age 18. An age where I had forgotten the existence of the promise. Ok, sometimes I do get reminded of the promise when the song gets played on the radio. And since this is a rather old song, it rarely gets airtime.. Anyway bless my 18 yr old heart, some guy did sing the song to me. In the lecture theatre. Looking straight at me. Strumming a damn guitar no less. God, the existence of the promise came swarming back, hitting me right on and left me bewildered.

"Is he the one?"

Fast forward again to the rip old age of 23. Not only was the crooner NOT with me, we've never ever went out or anything. I'm with The Possible One, who can't sing, play a guitar to save his life or have an ounce of romance in him to salvage a relationship that may be sinking faster than Titanic. Anyway I shouldn't be complaining since there're much more unfortunate people out there, such as starving children in Somalia whom may not live to make such silly promises to themselves. The Possible One, well, can't do any of the 'romantic' stuff but at least I know he will be there for me when I turn into an insufferable old hag of a woman. So there. All I can say is that I will try to be happy.

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