Monday, December 20, 2004


I can't understand the big hoo-ha over banning gay marriages. I mean, a high number of straight marriages are heading towards divorces anyway, so why should people oppose to same sex marriages if both parties are willing to spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together till death do them part? Surely the sanctity of marriage is not compromised if 2 people, homo or not, spend the rest of their lives honoring their marriage.

I get the fact that some places are exceptionally sensitive towards the homosexuals, quoting them as abominations and other unfavourable names. Some places even deny jobs and certain welfares to this category of people simply because of their sexual orientation. Surely a democratic society based on meritocracy should be well aware that such unfair treatment of people contradicts the so-called society they claim to be.

Again I can't really fathom the ingrained notion that some people have towards HIV and AIDS. Even the educated middle class firmly believes that ONLY homos get HIV, and straight people don't get it. Oh, and chances of contracting such a disease is sooo slim that protection is just redundant. Oh c'mon. I mean, has education failed us so terribly that we can solve 2nd order differential equation but fail to comprehend the cause and effect of such a deadly virus?

Such misconception might only be explained by Asian's take towards morality and decorum. Apparently it's rude to mention sexual orientations, STDs and other related topics in public, which is probably why less and less people understand ANYONE can get the disease. I understand the part about declining birth rate and the need to have more babies. However let us not forget that as society opens up to more liberal ideas, asking/pushing for abstinence from the public is good as not conveying any message at all. Tolerance and the need to preach safe sex are crucial to winning this battle. Simply put, do what you like but do it safely.

Hiding 'embarassing' explanations does not help and one can only hope that both the people and the governing bodies look at this situation in a more grown-up and clinical manner. There's nothing embarassing about teaching everyone on such sensitive topics. Is human life worth risking just to preserve social decorum?

End of rant.

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