Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I have been back for a week now and it has been a busy one.

Grandma suddenly got very sick and was admitted into the hospital. Totally unexpected. I was talking to her after dinner when she suddenly had problems breathing.. and the doctor's prognosis was not encouraging. In fact it was really bad. But now she's stable and I am so relieved.

Had my job interview today and it was alrite. The manager seemed friendly and slack. When I told him I could start work anytime, he told me to appear next week until I reminded him about my 60 working days requirement. -.- I start work this Friday and I wonder if I can wake up on time.

After my interview I waited at Buona Vista mrt station for Meng. It was both good and sad waiting there. I mean, ACJC was soooo near and yet I couldn't bring myself to visit it because I simply did now know what to say if I went back. Should I go "Hello, I schooled here a few years back and it was the best days of my life" or "Oh my, this is where I screwed up big time for A's. Nonetheless I still love the school." To be honest it was none of the responses. In all honesty I wasn't a prominent figure and I don't know anyone there. Going back would just be awkward.

Overall this past 7 days had been immensely tiring for the entire family. We had been at the hospital longer than we were at home. Anyhow it was worth it. It's great seeing grandma so alert and well after such an ordeal.

Afterall, she is the one who is always there for me since young.

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