Monday, December 27, 2004

Public Announcement.

Christmas has came and went. This year is the first Christmas I spend at home. Well, the first time since I last challenged my boundaries.

Tonsillitis is no joke, people. You can't eat, swallow, talk or drink without wishing you were dead most of the time. You are reduced to making gurgle-like sounds and people around you have to constantly guess what you are trying to say ("I am in pain"). Like when you are trying to figure out what gurgling baby wants. It's that. It doesn't help when your family is having a feast (chicken wings, curry etc.) when you are trying to carefully drink your porridge so that you don't scrape off half your throat with each swallow. Half the time you are wondering how come your porridge isn't

1) mushed up enough (to avoid excessive chewing),
2) overly watery (to aid, or rather reduce peristalsis since it hurts like no tomorrow),
3) and how come no one mechanically blends your porridge into baby food-like paste.

Seriously, tonsillitis is baaad. Wish it on your enemies. Even then, I find it too harsh a punishment to wish it on your enemies.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, so that I can live vicariously through each and every one of your joyous experiences.

On another note, the pantry in my office is shockingly and embarassingly bare. Usually we have

1) hot-chocolate-wannabe milo,
2) Nescafe coffee,
3) Lipton's 'premium' black tea, and
4) sugar.

My own private stash of green tea is carefully concealed in the tiny corner of my desk.

Anyway I ran out of green tea, and the office's supply of milo and sugar ran out on me today. I would rather die that to drink instant coffee. Mainly due to the fact that I hate coffee(it makes me pukish) and the taste of instant coffee is comparable to bland dishwater. It's a fact. No matter how 'premium' the label on the jar claims to be, instant coffee is still crap. I have a mug of cold, unsweetened black tea on my desk now. The taste of it is likened to dishwater as well. I simply won't drink it. Over my dead body. End of story.

I'm being the whiny cowardly intern here. Simply because I don't know who to go to regarding the "lack of refreshment in the pantry" situation. Should I go to my manager and say

"Erm... excuse me. Sorry for interrupting your important phone call. I have a problem. The office is currently out of drinkable artificially taste-enhanced liquids. Can you please bring a 2kg pack of milo and sugar to the office tomorrow? I can't survive throughout the rest of the working day without a fix. Many thanks."

I will so get the door slammed in my face. Well I shall be even more diplomatic (read: cowardly) by bringing my own supply tomorrow so that unnecessary conflict can be avoided.

It's Xueling's birthday tomorrow and Happy birthday, Girl! I haven't seen her in years and I simply can't wait. =)

It was Shiqi's birthday yesterday (26/12) and at, the editor-in-chief believes in "No Friend/Family Left Behind" policy. So Happy Birthday* to you too, girl! *beams* Hope you love all your presents.

* abovementioned birthday has already passed.

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