Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Hmm.. after reading a certain post I made earlier, I guess I was a little delirious back then. I don't think I want my jc crush to be perfect for me now. I just want him to be my friend.


And I figure out that I'm actually a very confused person. Oh did I mention that I have bad bad dreams about a certain teacher? I'm having those dreams ever since I got back, which means it has been 2 days in a row. Definitely not good. I need a shrink.

The family's alright.. a little worried about my grandma. She didn't recognise me when I got home. She does now, after several reminders. She's ok but it doesn't really mean that she's in the pink. A little sad about it, because afterall she was the one who literally raised me since young. I so want her to be healthy and happy again.

I never really planned on having a blog that details every single event of my life. I wanted to write something that reflects my thoughts, however ingenius or ludicruous they may be. However, I realise that it has begun to be more on mundane stuff instead of the 'thoughts' I have. I plan to change that since it is neither interesting nor thought-provoking to read about someone's diet, bus trip or christmas list.

Let's see how things go.

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