Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I'm bored out of my skin in the office. By the way, I'm in the office at the very present moment. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder so that someone doesn't spot me blogging in the middle of the working day. The boredom is so overwhelming that I am willing to risk my internship by bloggin in the office. Can you possibly imagine the intensity of it? I'm not even sure how you can measure boredom, so I guess the word "intensity" will suffice.

I'm a very conflicted person. Or rather I'm often in conflicting situations.. Not sure if that made sense but anyway I think I'm facing some serious shit. Not going to fool around now but apparently that jerk of a lecturer decided to flop me by a mark. Again.

By 'again', I don't mean to say that the same lecturer flopped me twice. But somehow I have trouble with electrical subjects. I have to take every electrical related subject twice. &(@!^# I'm not proud of this and I know it's nothing to be bragged about online.

Anyway that son of a &*#^$ lecturer decided to torture me by denying me 1 mark. 1 freakin' mark that could change my entire life and fortune. I've written him emails, telling him that his subject is all that is stopping me from graduating after 1 more semester. I don't know how to break this to my parents. As much as I know they will, I hope they don't give me the disappointed look.

Should I go "Hey I took 7 subjs this semester and I scored 4 distinctions! I flopped 1 but I got 4 DISTINCTIONS! Isn't that something?? Oh I have to do one more semester... but I got 4 distinctions! Please don't kill me."

Holy shit.

4 distinctions... and 1 satisfactory thesis, marred by 1 stupid tele subj taught by a china man.

I can't begin to describe my hatred for chinamen right now. Especially those cocky stupid sons of *&^#($^. I need a .22 and a couple of rounds. It'll be Columbine High all over again, just that only chinamen are targetted.

I need some serious prayers now. And if that screwball of a lecturer closes 1 eye and passes me, me life would be complete and I swear I will go easy on slammin' chinamen from now on.

p.s. people who are reading this, especially my family members, do not breathe a word of this particular entry to my family. I will find a way to break it to them as gently as possible. Just like my fall from grace. As gently as possible

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