Friday, December 17, 2004

Slap 'em silly.

Every morning I read the news online. Well, by every morning, I mean during periods of time when work hasn't officially start yet.

Anyway I came across an article in the forum by some miopic nutjob, proclaiming the greatness of a certain M&M politician and the great level of democracy people of the island enjoy. God I wanted to laugh out loud and slap that fella silly. Can anyone be more brainwashed than that? I shan't answer that in case some Big Brother-esque figure pays me a visit and erases my existence from a tiny island in Asia.

Well according to the miopic reader (not in verbatim), the island would not be what it is today if not for the great foresight of M&M and his fella melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands cronies. Ok he didn't use the word cronies but oh well. The passage continued to praise his leadership, which has brought prosperity and peace to the country etc.. and shit like that. And the success of the certain party comes from its great management and efficiency, in which fairness and no forms of bias play a part in the formation of the Great Party. C'mon, get a grip.

No one, and I mean no one will ever know if the Island would be a better place should another politician be its leader. Unless you have a way of going back in time to experiment, or you have a way to take a glimpse into the parallel universe to check out the Island. No chance in hell can you say for certain that another leader would not be able to accomplish as much. He may have accomplished some great shit during his years but please do not regard him as the Great Leader or 'The Best Thing That Island Had". Because that's beginning to sound like North Korea. A lot.

Efficiency and great management. How big a propaganda piece can this article be? Ask anyone and they would mumble under their breath that they don't dare NOT to vote for the Party, since it may void them of the chance to get upgrades and better facilities. Unbias? My arse.

My point is that, people ought to open their eyes more. Use your brains and analyse. See past all the hypocrisy.

I shall stop preaching political sentiments now. For today.

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