Sunday, December 12, 2004

Yelling girls.

Everytime I open up blogger's "Create a post" screen, my mind goes blank. I forget what I want to talk about and most of the time I just log off.

Anyway I had my first working day on Friday and it was totally boring. People there were rather grownup and in the technical department (that's where I'm at), there're no other girls. There're about 5-6 females but they belong to the sales/accounts department and honestly speaking, I don't really know how I can fit it. This is still a small issue.

My day officially ends at 5.30pm so you cannot imagine how excited I was when it's 5.15pm and I was doing a private countdown of sorts. When 5.30pm came and went, the entire office remained as it was, and people were still doing their thing. The girls continued to chatter all the way across the office, even though they were free to go. Everyone seemed to try to outstay everyone else and leave later than they were supposed to. What's wrong with these people?

Being the newbie, I didn't dare to stride out of the office like I had been released from prison. I waited and waited till someone decided to leave. And that was close to 6pm.

I don't get it. You don't get extra pay for leaving late (we don't have have the punch card thingy so I guess there's no way to check). You impress no one by leaving late. How does that correspond to being hardworking? Leaving late doesn't mean you are doing more work. It just means you are too slow during the day. Anyway I just think it's odd that people stay around the office even when they have nothing to do.

The girls were shouting across the office, discussing publicly which Tiffany bracelet to buy in Hokkien. They were checking out eBay and the shouting drove me mad on Friday. I can't remember all the Hokkien that went on but it was something like this:

Girl1: Wah, the bracelet hor, is damn nice leh. Shiny shiny leh.
Girl2: Simi bracelet? You wear bracelet one ah? Mai waste money la... buy for what?
Girl1: There... the bracelet from eBay lor! You come here and see... damn nice hor?
Girl3: (dormant girl who came alive after hearing a deal) Har? Got bracelet kang tow ah? Eh help me check leh! I want the cheapest one.
Girl2: (goes to check out the item on eBay) Ok la... I like that one better leh...
Girl1: Oh yar hor.. then how? I cannot decide liao.. aiyoh no money to buy 2.. pok like that.

The entire day went on with the girls having the conversation across the office. Everyone had no choice but to accomodate to them. Holy hell.

Are offices usually like this?

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