Saturday, July 31, 2004

Shrek 2 and angsty people

Just watched Shrek 2 on pirated dvd. Saved $10 on tix. It's quite cool, and funny because they make old stuff cool again. The music from the 80s, famous scenes from movies from the early 90s till now, ie. alien protruding from guy's stomach. It's good.

This week has been quite tough... lessons went on and on and we are already having tutorials and lab work. Bleah..
I read people's blog and sometimes I find that a lot of people seem to have pent up rage and angst. Always cursing and swearing to jab a knife into someone. The entire blog is full of these violent "stick-you-up-you-lousy-stinkin'-maggot" entries. I mean, is life really THAT bad? Ok, life sucks and shit happens. Complain a wee bit and move on. Reading some of these entries make me think of these people in a whole new light. It's like watching a psycho stirring in the dark, waiting for the right moment and finally unleashing his wrath one day. Hmm.. very cinematic description isn't it? I should work in that industry.

Oh, saw this Takeshi Kaneshiro poster on my way home. I think he has a new flick with Andy Lau and Zhang Ziyi. I don't watch Chinese flicks because I just think the plot is contact lens thin, not even paper thin. And they always put whoever's popular at the moment as lead actors even though they can't act. Think Twins, 2 HK girls with 0 talent. How revolting is that? I prefer Hollywood and European flicks anytime. One has great SFX and the other has great storyline. Well, I like the Takeshi guy. *Swoons* He is JUST so gorgeous... Now I'm publicly displaying my affection for him. Hahaha how embarassing.

Anyway my aunt and uncle are coming to visit me! I'm really looking forward to it. It's better than staring at bare walls in my apartment. I can't wait to see them!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

China and I.

It seems that I can never ever escape the clutches of China men. Yesterday was the first day of my semester and I went to my first TELE lectures. And the lecturer was a China guy with a serious English problem. His English made Singlish sounds like British English. I couldn't help but laugh when he spoke. I looked around to see if I was the only one laughing but I wasn't. Many were hiding their heads behind papers/school bags/jackets/friends and you could tell they were laughing because their shoulders were shaking. 

Let me give a brief guide on his pronunciation:

      Word                               China guy Pronun.
1. purpose                                  per-puss
2. with                                        wi-sa
3. randomness                          run-dom-mi-ness

4. analog                                    as-sa-log
5. exemption                             es-sum-shen
6. radio                                       ray-sio
7. analysis                                  e-na-lis
I can't remember all the words he said but you get the idea I guess. How am I to handle one of the toughest subjects with this kind of teaching!? I am not against China people, in fact I have China friends. Ok maybe just 1 or 2, but I love them all the same. But those who shove their hands down their pants to scratch their itching butts in public, I condemn.

Some China people should be deported back to their motherland and just be farmers or something.


Saturday, July 24, 2004


Added a little something about me on the sidebar.

What I'd want to be.

Actually I want to be someone who releases cool games or a behind-the-scenes crew on a movie set. Nothing would make me more happy than to see my name on the credits when the show/game ends. That's the sole reason why I took computer engineering. Some people say I'm nuts after hearing my reason. But wouldn't you feel so proud when you see your name on the big screen? 

Well, at least I took a step towards my dream.


I have been in school most of this week despite it being the holidays, trying to fix my enrolment, thesis topic and of course my result.

I went for the thesis informal interview on Wednesday and the lecturer is such a piece of shit. I came up with this proposal of doing an interactive internet game for my thesis. The game I designed was something like GunBound, with shooting and all. But the stupid lecturer asked me how is this game interactive. Hello? Playing a game with 8 other people is not interactive enough for you to see that point?! If he doesn't know anything about interactive games he shouldn't have been the lecturer in charge for this topic at all. Bastard. Even then I could tell he wasn't interested and yet he told us to wait till Friday before he gave us his decision. Of course he rejected the proposal thing. BASTARD. One day I will release this damn game and show you that I'm a millionaire because he has no foresight. Anyway I'd like to thank all of you who have contacted me via icq/mobile phone to give me your ideas on the game. I will try to make the game when I find the time. Maybe after my graduation and be a millionaire. Hmm.. what an idea.

Sigh I have to schedule another interview with other lecturers in charge to get a thesis topic. The next on my list is doing something GSM/GPS nonsense. I don't even know what's going on. Bleah. Has to go see the program director sometime next week for some enrolment crap because I intend to overload this coming semester so that I can graduate in time.

The only thing that I'm looking forward to is my Cirque Du Soleil show this August. I got seats to go watch it and I can't wait. I just caught a Cirque show, Alegria, on tv and I believe it's the one my ENTIRE family watched when I wasn't around. Simply can't wait to watch Quidam. If anyone reading hasn't been to a Cirque show, I suggest you should try it once in your lifetime. It's one of those things you should do.

It's the 2nd last day of my hols and I feel so crappy. School's starting soon and my workload is going to be overbearing. Not too sure if I can update my blog often. But then again I may have a lot of things to complain about. Haha..

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Alright, I'm currently writing a proposal for my thesis interview tomorrow. I am so keen on writing an interactive internet game. However I am considering what type of game should I base my thesis on, hence the headache.
Basically there are those that have no storylines and those that have.
Gunbound and CS have no storyline while Ragnarok Online and Final Fantasy XI have
Therefore I would like to use my blog as a broadcast medium to conduct a short survey. 
Would you guys prefer a game like GB and CS, or RO and FFXI? Or better yet, you can suggest the KIND of games you like, ie. having great graphics with no storyline or whatever combination you like. If you don't play any games, maybe you can suggest a game you would like to play but it's not on the market. Any input is better than none. =)  All suggestions are welcomed.
I don't think many people actually read my blog. For those that do and YOU know people who are hardcore gamers, please direct them to this blog or you could ask on my behalf and post your feedback as comments! Ahh... fantastic. =) Please do help me out on this. Perhaps this game will see the light of day and YOU will have a chance to play it! When that time comes, you can slime me for NOT using your ideas, or you can bug me to add your name when the credit rolls. Seize the moment, people.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

First wave of panic and depression.

I just knew the results of 3 of my subjects. I took 4 subjects this semester fyi. The good news is that I passed all the tough ones. The bad news is that I flopped my most confident one. =( I don't know why but I had sent an email asking for a review of my marks. Why does such shitty things happen to me? I took this subject with 2 other friends, Junyu and Victor. And all 3 of us failed abysmally. And all 3 of us sent strong emails to the lecturer. Hmmp.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 4th subject. It's the one that got screwed by the China guys. I think I pass but then again, I better not be so sure just yet.

I feel quite upset because my efforts have gone down the drain once again. I just don't know how to break it to my parents, and disappointing them is the last thing I want to do. It makes me feel really bad being the bearer of bad news to them.

Called my brother and had a chat with him. Sigh.. It's good to have someone to talk to, since the 2 of us are quite close and we share a lot. At least I share a lot of stuff with him. =) I would have gone mad with sadness if I keep everything to myself, especially on such a sad day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A good book on a cold day.

The title basically sums up today. It was raining and it was far too cold to go out. Don't really like getting the hem of my jeans wet, quite yucky.

Reading Dan Brown's Digital Fortress now. I'm quite a Dan Brown fan, judging by the fact that I have all 4 of his known printed works in my collection. Hahaha.. Read his "The Da Vinci Code" for starters. It's fascinating, the details of it are so mind blowing. It's conspiracy + history + art + puzzle solving. Totally riveting.

Anyway my bro will be leaving for Melbourne later tonight and I guess the house is getting very quiet without us around. Sigh... he asked me about bringing cds to Australia and restrictions etc. I don't think there is much of a restriction though, just as long as you don't bring suspicious amount of cds like a few hundred. 10-20 is fine, just say you are a student and they are blanks. I guess that works. I don't have trouble bringing cds over. Hmm...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Term Break.

Ahh..the holidays. It has been a week since my last entry and I have been enjoying, or rather, sorting out a few things. Australian Idol is on tv right now. Some of the contestants can be the next William Hung. Try a search on the internet for this guy called Flynn.. forgot the last name though. Not that it's a bad thing to try, but don't people know their own capabilities? Some should keep their singing inside the shower, just like me. Haha.. Anyway here is a rough idea on how things went the last week:

Wednesday - Day 1
Well, I went to buy some furniture and electrical appliances at the furniture mall. I had no idea a simple vacuum cleaner costs $140, or some Ikea stuff are actually quite expensive. One book shelf costs $50+ while a similar one costs $25 at the store opposite Ikea. Thank goodness I went looking around.

Thursday - Day 2
Then I spent another day assembling the furniture by hand with only 1 pathetic little screwdriver. It sounds really tough and actually it is tough. The dining table is so bloody heavy and I have to assemble it (and its 4 matching chairs) from scratch. Although it's not rocket science, I feel damn proud of myself. Hahaha..

Friday - Day 3
Continued assembling furniture. Wiped down the entire place as well. At least I had a clean place now. =) I'm actually quite meticulous about cleanliness and tidiness. Magazines or paper strewn all over my table makes me irksome. So do towels that are not hung up properly, as in corners of towels not matching. You get the idea. I don't think many people know about this, unless they actually have lived with me.

Saturday - Day 4
Went out for some shopping!! But sadly I didn't get anything, not even the book I wanted. Not at the right price though. Bleah.. and why are clothes so expensive? 30% off and it's still above $60. I'm so broke right now and I can't really afford anything fancy now. *sob* Also found out that I can't go whale watching because we don't have enough designated drivers. This entire term break is going all wrong.

Sunday - Day 5
Went to yumcha at 10am with all the grandmas and grandpas. Ate so much that I didn't eat anything after. And I bought my book at $16!! It retails for $20. I know it's not much difference but I'm on a tight budget.

Monday - Day 6
Went to explore Bondi Junction. Wow..the new Westfield complex is massive and well-furnished. Very modern look and feel to it. And they have got so many selections! I'm getting excited even as I type. Haha.. I can feel the inner shopaholic emerging once again.

Tuesday - Day 7
Today. I woke up because some idiots were doing some drilling at my place at 7am. I have no idea what they are doing it for, but they are drilling all over the building. Above my apartment, outside my apartment and I was under house arrest for a couple of hours from the noise and dust. Their equipment were blocking my door and I could not even get out. I complained when I got out and neighbours were out confronting those people as well. And they told us apologetically it's going to take 2-3 weeks doing the stuff they are doing. CRAP. How can I sleep man?

And I have been weird lately. I sleep at around 7-9pm and I wake up at 7.30-9am, early enough to catch the morning news program and cartoons. Hmm... I'm so bored and maybe I will get around to organising something for me to do. Watching the OC now. Why is The Catillion so much like a wedding? Everything is so grand and beautiful looking. But what I wouldn't give to attend one.. *sulk* I didn't even try on my prom. The regret.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


My exams are FINALLY over!!!! So so so happy. No more mugging, no more instant noodles, no more screwed up sleeping hours, no more ink stains on my hands, no more breakouts.. the list can go on and on.

Came back and slept. Missed O.C. =( going to get some furniture tomorrow. I'm so happy now. I still feel tired. Sigh.. will go back to sleep when I really can't find anything to do later. It's only 3am now. Crap.

Trying to organise a short trip to Port Stephens for some whale watching action. Thinking of swimming with dolphins too! So excited.

I am so happy I can almost sing out loud now.

P.S. What's with blogspot these days? Always get popups and Cannot Find Server error. Bleah.

Friday, July 02, 2004

No life.

Just had a chat with my good buddy, Corn. He just told me he went back to Singapore. Now I don't have anyone to call and disturb. =( And after looking through his photos, I realise that I'm so tired and I haven't really put my camera to good use this semester. The last time I took photos was probably in January. How sad. I so want to go home this winter break. Extremely sick of life here in Sydney since I'm such a no-lifer. =( But I have this feeling that SIA is already fully booked. Crap. Have to discuss this situation with Mom asap.

On the other hand, if I don't get to go back this winter like I have hoped, I would go on a short trip to Port Stephens for whale watching!! Better not miss this opportunity since there's no freakin' free-willy-jumpin' whales in south east asia. If Victor doesn't want to go with me (his financial reasons.. blah blah) I will go on my own. Can't stand having my plans disrupted by him anymore. Bleah.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nice tune.

I find the song "Honey and the moon" by Joseph Arthur nice. Trying to download some of the OC soundtracks. I can't really concentrate on studying. Sigh.

I hate exams.

Spidey 2.

Went to catch Spiderman 2 this morning, that is Wednesday morning at 11am. I caught the 2nd screening because I couldn't make it for the 10.30am session. Oh what the hell. At least I beat the crowd at 11am. Spidey 2 is probably the best sequel to anything movies that have sequels/trilogy. You don't even feel that 2.5 hours passed while watching the flick. Very good film, great action sequence and the plot was moving along nicely. Tobey Maguire can act! His inner torment and conflict were so convincing that you actually feel sorry for Peter Parker and wants him to quit being Spidey altogether. The resident critic gives it 4.5 out of 5 popcorns.

I'm not quite excited about Star Wars 3 though, since Episode 2 was such a bore. How the nicest kid turned into the evil Darth Vader wasn't really explored. I'm not really convinced that George Lucas is going to do that in Episode 3, since he's quite focused on being out the CG effects. If he is, he has a lot to do. Why good guy morphs to evil guy, evil guy takes over entire galaxy, evil guy loses family etc. Since Anakin is going thru a rough patch, let's see Hayden Christensen do the Tobey Maguire/Spidey inner torment look. Hmm..

Got a haircut too. Not very happy about it. Not happy about a few things lately, besides my haircut. The exams are a pain and it's so tough. Sigh. And oh, JK Rowling's 6th creation will take the title "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Wow.
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