Monday, January 03, 2005

Donation drives.

Why do people treat donation drives as an outlet for discarding old and broken stuff?

I seriously do not get this. I mean, if you do not have the intention of helping, please do not 'donate' just because everyone else is doing so. I've heard news reports of inconsiderate asses donating expired canned food and torn clothing to the victims.

That is not right people. These donation drives are not an outlet or solution to your rubbish. Dispose of them yourselves and don't disgrace yourselves by turning them in as forms of donation.

I'm not saying that all donors are like this, or that donors should only donate brand new stuff or something. I understand that some people cannot really afford to give much and they would still like to help nonetheless. It's alright to donate used clothing. Used clothing in good condition. Faded colors? Ok. One size too small for you? No problem. Don't wear it too often and it still has several years more to offer? Bring it on. Holes? Please dispose in the correct receptacle.

Where's all the goodwill in the world? Isn't there any left from the festive season?

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