Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Much ado about nothing.

Omfg I hate my current intern job. It's so boring and I'm fearful that I may die any moment from boredom.

I thought I won't be able to blog or surf the Net to read up on useless pieces of information once I start work. I guess I'm wrong. I blog more frequently and I read the Straits Times Interactive faithfully everyday to while the time away.

I am fairly repulsed by my own dreams. I am STILL having weird dreams about a certain teacher. After all these years, he is STILL making regular appearances in my dreams. Erm please do not equate weird with kinky because that's even more repulsive. I'm not sure where he is now but what the hell... Dreaming about teachers is NOT a good thing.

Actually some people find teacher-student relationships "immoral" and plain wrong. I don't actually see how bad it can be. =/ It's just 2 person erm, in love or something.

Eww.. did I just write "in love"? I gross myself out. I am a person who detests such Hallmark worthy phrases, and any commercialised forms of love. With the exception of Tiffany & Co. jewellery.

Oh, then again if the teacher is a perv then too bad la. Otherwise it's perfectly alrite for a teacher to date a student. Don't bring up the age gap issue because if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher can make it, so can we.

Seriously. Who dates a teacher anyway? I don't see teachers dating. Do they date among themselves or they don't date? Anyway I don't know la..


Just had a talk with Meng on msn. Hahaha, I'm skiving and most of my friends know. I seriously miss the days in JC. Best time of my life. A bunch of us would happily go to chalet and have fun, and rush back to school all the way from Pasir Ris the next morning in sand covered flip-flops.
God, I wish we can go on those 'chalet' trips now. Just for the weekend, and I'll be eternally grateful. I need to relive those days to regain a little bit of vibrancy to my otherwise mundane life.

It should be rather apparent by now. I lack a life. I lack the energy to push myself everyday. This serious deprivation of, well everything, stems from the stupid secondary school I attended. I pushed myself so much so that I was having a Panadol habit, and was experiencing physical discomfort everytime we were going to have a test (minimum 4 tests a week). I gave up after 2 years, and have given up since.

I need my life back.

"I want so much more than this."

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