Tuesday, January 25, 2005


i bloody fucking hate my supervisor. Yes. The same bible-toting narrow-minded SOB. The guy who said his god is better than all the other gods out there. Fucker.

I fucking got the Excel to appear automatically with a spreadsheet to display results from an SQL query after so much research and hard work. I even showed him yesterday and he said "ok that's the way."

And this fucking morning he walked over and said "hey this is not the way. look at the sample I HAVE WRITTEN and try and do it THAT WAY."

FUCKER. He's wasting my time and effort by not pointing it out yesterday. He even approved it. Now he's going back on his fucking word. I fucking hate 30+ narrow-minded, bible-toting SOB.

May he rot in hell forever. He is soooo going to get there because of his bigotry. Just fucking rot in hell.

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