Monday, January 03, 2005


I wanted to name this post "Christians" but then again I don't want to get slammed at for being biased or whatever words anyone can come up with. It would be more appropriate since it involves the Christians at my workplace.

Somehow I feel they are a misguided bunch. I have nothing against Christians, let me declare this again lest I get bumped off by some fanatics. But their insensitive comments and guillibility (??) never cease to amaze me.

Here's a recap (not in verbatim) of what have been exchanged during conversations:

Them: "Did you realise that almost all of the countries hit by the tsunamis are Muslim countries that have persecuted Christians?"
Me: "Most Thais are Buddhist and I thought most Indians are Hindus? Surely they did not persecute Christians.."
Them: "Well, it is evident that God is protecting His people, that's why those who are badly affected are non-Christian countries."
Me: "Are you saying that other religions got whacked because they are of other faiths? How about all the caucasians who died while holidaying there?"
Them: Silence.

Goodness how callous and ignorant can they be? This is definitely not a religion thing. People from all walks of faith are affected, not just non-Christians. I hate it when some people think they are above others because they are of a certain faith. What the heck. I'm sure religion is not there as a benchmark of comparison. It's not competition in the playground, dude. It's never "my god/religion is better than your god/religion".

Why do I feel like slapping them so?

Today at lunch, the same colleague (who found out that I don't believe in God, but believe somewhat in higher powers) kept 'promoting' the Bible to me. He has been doing that ever since he knew I was a non-believer. Especially after the tragedy because he believes that God has already mentioned this in the Bible. Bah humbug. I want to tell him badly that no amount of promotion, and no one, certainly not him, will ever ever convince/convert me to the Christian faith. Definitely not by repeating stuff such as:

1) "You know the tsunamis and the earthquakes? The Bible already predicted it will happen. The Bible is written almost 2000 years ago, you know. It's amazing how accurate it is. Now do you still doubt the fact that it is written by God?"

2) (after the tragedy) "(said something about the tragedy).. The end times are coming. The Bible has already said so."

3) (after I said that the Bible was written by men) "But it is God's words. His disciples and followers wrote similar stories about Jesus, even though they wrote their accounts a few centuries apart. They would not have the chance to 'agree' on certain aspects since they were not able to discuss it."

Christ was a powerful man who brought great faith and inspired kindness to people, I'll grant you that. But to be so blind and ignorant, I just find it a little unsettling. It is as if every other religion is wrong or inferior to theirs. C'mon.

If I choose to believe in a higher being, I want to believe it in my own terms. Forcing it down my throat will only bring about the gag reflex in me, and I will shoot it down completely.

I just wish that these holy shakers will leave me alone.

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