Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I had a revelation while I was on my way back home today.

There was this couple that boarded the train at Dover and they are apparently students of SP. They were standing at a corner near the door, totally immersed in their tiny little world and ignorant of the curious gazes (me) around them.

This is a brief introduction of what went on. I lack the necessary words needed to paint such a "romantic" lingering scene befitting of a taiwanese drama.


The guy was twiddling the zipper of the girl's jacket, and the girl was leaning against the door, gazing with her tired eyes at the guy. There were a couple of hugs and such. When it was almost time for the girl to alight, the guy was clutching her shoulders, as if reluctant to let her go. The girl, was gazing back at the guy with such tenderness that I was half hoping she would get teary-eyed to complete the picture.

The guy's fingers were now barely touching hers, and he was having that "I-love-you-and-I-hate-to-see-you-go-but-I-understand-you-have-to-get-home-for-dinner-by-7pm" look.

My guess is that the girl was besotted with him, which could be the only reason that she STAYED ON until Jurong East interchange, so that they BOTH had to change trains. From Clementi to Jurong East, he was stroking her hair as if she was about to die/vanish or something.


My goodness, this scene is so saccharine-charged that I almost went into a diabetic-induced coma.

They are behaving as if he's going to the front line and she's to be shipped to Africa, never to see each other again. Only thing is that they are most probably going to see each other the next day.

I realise that I'm not the kind of person that can stand such behaviour. I call this over-reacting, and it's not the least bit touching. I'm all for public display of affection, but such mushy stuff just gross me out.

All together now, "EWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

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