Monday, January 03, 2005


The editor of this blog has been violently ill for the past 3 weeks.

Due to the condition of her illness(es), the blog may or may not be updated as regularly as she would like it to be. Please bear with us during this immensely difficult time. Keep your fingers crossed that she is not suffering from:

1) Dengue fever
2) peri tonsilar abscess (pseudo diagnosis given by a doctor-to-be)
3) anything more serious than the above 2.

She would also like to remind all readers to donate generously to various charities, and sincerely appeals to everyone out there to NOT just donate to the tsunami victims and reject any donations made out to underpriviledged children and families. She has witnessed this first hand. Many people will ask what the donation is for before making one, and if the money doesn't go towards the tsunami victims, they won't donate. Please do not forget the sick and elderly who also need help.

Please give generously. Happy new year to everyone and let's all be safe and sound this year.

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