Monday, January 03, 2005


The following post was written last Wednesday on my notepad. I forgot to post it since I was on 4 types of prescribed drugs, and woozy the entire day. God I hate being sick. I am still various medication by the way.


I really can't help but feel that we are really not doing enough to help those disaster striken countries. Singapore is donating about 2 million dollars and the United States is donating 35 million ("in the initial stages till the costs and extent of the damage can be better estimated") at the moment.

35 million sounds a lot... but seriously... 35 million is only equivalent to the money the US government spends in 6 hours in Iraq. Only 6 hours worth of money. This is from a credible source. Check it out here. If MGM Grand can spend US$1 billion investing in Singapore's casino, surely the US government can fork out more in the "initial stages". That's when lives could have been saved with the amount of medical supplies that US$1 billion can buy. Go figure.

2 million freakin' dollars from Singapore... that's so little. A rich dude in Singapore already has more than 2 mil in spare change but the government can only fork out 2 mil from their 100 billion national reserve?! Talk about being stingy.

I have a grand dream. See, Singapore has a population of slightly more than 4 million peeps. Let's say only 1.8 to 2 million are working while the rest are children and elderly who do not have any income. If the government enforces the 1.8 to 2 mil peeps to each donate $10, we would already have 18 to 20 million in donation! It's 10 times more than what the government is donating. How about that people?

I have a dream, people. I need to find out a way to start a foundation or emergency fund. Maybe we don't have to force people to donate $10. How about this, for every dollar the public donates, the government matches it. Even better, the government doubles the donation for every dollar donated. I'm sure that people can do much much more than what we are doing right now.

Is anyone with me? Tell me what you think.

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