Monday, February 28, 2005

Ce qui si je fais?

Haven't been updating this blog for quite a while. A lot has happened and seriously, I am not sure how to put it all in words. Let's just say,

my industrial attachment has ended,
I attended a great party(woohoo~~~),
got back to Sydney,
and I heard some astonishing news from a couple of friends (not so woohoo~).

I shall narrate a story I've heard. Tell me what you think.

Guy A and Guy B are friends. Guy A introduces Guy B to Girl. Guy B actually makes a move on Girl. Guy B is very sweet to her and Girl is actually very touched by his gestures. However Girl turns him down tactfully though she's slightly interested. Girl and Guy B remain as good friends after the confession and discussion.

Guy A has always been there for Girl. And up till recently, didn't realise that he had a thing for Girl. Told Girl about it and was shocked that it was actually mutual. But they have decided to keep it well-concealed because they both have partners they have been for years and it's far too long for them to screw it up. They have decided to bury this and wait it out for the years to come.

Guy B may have suspected something because he is ignoring Guy A and Girl. Especially Girl. They used to talk everyday endlessly and now he seems to be avoiding and ignoring her. Girl is saddened by this turn in events. And Girl doesn't know who to tell this to.


It's such a complicated story I don't know what to advise her. Shucks.. I feel awful.

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