Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I have previously written on inflated egos. And I still find that relevant to me nearly a year later.

I'm not sure if this is put correctly but it doesn't really matter if you are happily attached or single. The attention and affection from another member of the preferred (or opposite, whichever you prefer) sex is always an ego booster to a person. Some may find it a strain to cope with such unwarranted attention, especially from a creepy fella, but more often than not, people feel confident, warm and toasty on the inside because someone has finally paid attention to them instead of the attractive people who are all around them.

It's the feeling of being wanted. Not by the law enforcement people. Now that brings out another kind of emotion in people, primarily fear.

There are about 64 billion people in the world. I'm not bluffing.

World 6,418,856,47105:54 GMT (EST+5) Feb 15, 2005

Most of the time you feel you are invisible. Unspecial. Insignificant. So much so that those easily depressed people kill themselves. You know, those people in Japan who often kill themselves? Yeah, those depressed people who feel they are so insignificant that they are better off dead. I understand what that feels like, as if a mere speck of paint on the gigantic 400 by 400 ft wallpaper. Not even a motif. Just a tiny speck.

Now this is where attention and companionship come in. It makes you feel that you are NOT alone and your existence actually mean something to another person. Anyway I'm making everything sound far too serious and psychotic.

My point is that someone actually notices you. It makes you feel so special because another human being ENJOYS your company and WANTS to be with you. You got it. If you're getting on age, say mid-twenties, it means you STILL got it.

Doesn't that just inflate your ego? Or put a spring in your step?

My ego got deflated slightly and I lost the spring in my step a few days ago. =/

Cest la vie.

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