Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Fashion (lackthereof).

After a trip to the pantry and back, I realised I could no longer ignore the brutal reality that was staring straight at me the entire time.

I simply cannot tolerate guys with zero dress sense.

Seriously, I thought I always could. That's maybe because the guys I hang out with dress casually, and I thought to myself, that doesn't really look smashing but oh well, I can take it. Now? Nooooooo... I realise my guys dress quite well. After working at the office for almost 2 months, I realise guys can do worse. A LOT WORSE. So bad, it gives a new meaning to the word bad.

We need Webster dictionary to come up with a better word here. Fast.

High waisted trousers? Ugly shapeless shirts? Horrendous-looking fake leather shoes with the 'leather' peeling away? The worse is not over yet, my friends. Now wait for it... Jacket that's made out of some parachute material in GAUDY COLOURS. Oh, and a ah-beng/ah pek handphone pouch hanging at the belt. I don't know which is worse. This is an image I want to forget. Badly.

Good grief.

What is wrong with these men? I mean, they are not THAT out of touch with my generation, are they? Most of them are in their 30s so their fashion sense ought NOT to be that ridiculous. I do think they earn a considerable amount and remember, clothes maketh the man. A little Shakespeare here.

Look like the person that you want to be, and project that confident and powerful image. No use wearing something cheap and awful, and get mistaken for the lowly office assistant when you are the general manager. Think, people. Think!

I shall do a little math for them (given their age and position), lest they bring up the topic of wasting money/not enough money.

Month salary after tax = $3000
After family expenses = $1000
After putting aside some savings = $700
After food and transportation = $250

These people can have about $250 a month of spare change. In a year,
$250 x 12 = $3000

Now $3000 buy you shitloads (pardon the language..) of stuff. I can buy a LV Multicolore Speedy and we'll STILL have a couple of hundreds of change left. Now assuming they don't buy their wives/gfs LV bags, well actually we don't have to assume. These guys are freaking stingy that they ask me, the lowly UNPAID intern, to treat them to drinks during lunch. No, they are not joking. Really.

oookkkk... back to the math part. $3000 can buy a lot of men's stuff.. provided that they don't buy any Mont Blanc goods for kicks. I guess one entire outfit (Decent linen/cotton shirt, fitting trousers, quality comfy leather shoes and belt) can come up to about $1000. So $3k can get you 3 sets of fantastic men gear for the office. I guess guys don't have to get 3 pairs of leather kicks per year so they can probably get a couple more of those shirts.

Oh I don't know what these guys are thinking la. Buy 2 decent shirts a year isn't too much to ask, right?

Bah... ugly 30 year old men.

Personally I really don't get sports gear. What's the deal with soccer jerseys? I mean, they don't look particularly good... it's bright red or something. Same goes for basketball jerseys. Yet people wear it on the streets, like it's some couture. Walking angpows... @_@

I suggest we should all look into our closet, and honestly pick out those that we won't be caught dead wearing. Faded t-shirts you've got since your primary, secondary, heck even jc days should be retired and never to be seen outside the house. As for sportswear, I don't know la.. I don't like it but I won't stop people wearing it. Maybe I'll just give that look of disgust and sneer. I don't know.

I better stop before I start sounding bossy or someone starts commenting on how I look. To me, I'm ok. Not traffic-stopping remarkable, but at least I won't get mistaken for the cleaner or something.

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