Friday, February 18, 2005

Greatest Crush.

I feel incredibly light-headed today... Everything so clear, and yet blurry all at once. It's like staring at the pebble in a stream. You can see the pebble alright, but the water makes it all so ill-defined.

Now I could either know what I'm talking about, or so amazingly happy and having this moment of astute awareness about everything, OR it may be the flu pill talking.

I have a feeling it's both the pill and the normal illogical rambles that go on incessantly in my head.


Now, let's talk about something that's unrelated to pebbles and streams.

Enter JC crush number 1. To read about him, go to here.
I still believe that he's the Greatest Crush in My History of Crushes For All Time. With my kinda short attention span and the tendency to lose interest and give up after a short period of time (say, 4 weeks tops), this one lasted almost 2 years. And occasionally, I still believe that he's one of the greatest thing on this planet.

Back to the story. Dreamt about Greatest Crush last night. Apparently we were good friends. As in really good close friends who you swear you will lay down your life for. There was a big friendly hug (!!) which in reality (as in real life. Flesh and blood.) will never happen unless there's death involved or a particularly tearful farewell. Hmm.. gotta stage the tearful farewell to find out about this.

Ok.. moving on! We went on to get this cool squarish Tiffany & Co. band as OUR FRIENDSHIP BAND (!!!!!!!!). I'm excited and over the moon about the ACT of getting a friendship band, and not the T & Co. factor. Though normally it would be the other way round. Anyway he stayed on to watch me perform something (school production??), and beamed ever so happily for me from the audience. Oh man oh man oh man.

Now in reality, most people know that I cannot perform anything. I don't know how. I don't have the talent and I don't have the guts. But this dream has gotta rank among the Hall of Fame of Incredible Dreams.

Chance of getting a hug: 5-10% depending on how sad the situation is.
Chance of getting a friendship band: 0%


I'm running outta ideas to write about, and I guess this Greatest Crush thing has been a recurring theme. Well, it's not as if I can help it, can I?

I'll think of something, I promise. If I don't, I'll just do more quizzes. At least it's something.

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