Tuesday, March 08, 2005


My Uni is apparently screwing me over because of 2 marks.

My course director is currently away and I can't discuss important stuff with him. Meaning my enrolment will be screwed up because he's fuking away at the beginning of the semester and I'll miss the deadline.

My course is apparently demanding a 2000-3000 words report on my lousy shitass almost non-existent industrial attachment. Write what?!

My progress on my thesis is currently stagnant.

My close friend, belonging to the so-called 'soulmate' category, has sort of given up on me and refuses to give me advice.

I'm stuck with dialup when the rest of the world is using broadband.

I just want to burn something/abuse substance/homicidal at this very moment. Fuck it all. Not a good start. Not good at all.

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