Thursday, March 17, 2005


Ok.. just got back from Uni after the supplementary paper, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, it doesn't feel good.

Even though you've practised and practised your tutorials and past year papers, and even though you've made offerings (not including human sacrifice) to various gods and deities, the feeling "you just know you're not gonna make it" just sucks big time.

Especially if it concerns your graduation.

I'm suicidal and homicidal all at once. If God/other gods/deities decides to be kind and compassionate, He/She/It would let me pass this round. I would forever be grateful and be in His/Her/Its debt for all eternity. And by all eternity, I mean for the next 1 year or less.

"Dear God/other gods/deities,

I would very much like to pass this subject. If you should step in, you know, do your divine intervention thing, I would really be grateful. I would give up alcohol, PS2 and the dream of owning a PSP for a period of 6-10 months. Or less. Public holidays and weekends not included. Please do not overlook this. And should you decide to step in, please do so within the next 3-4 working days. My life + future is in your hands. Thank you. "


Hmmmmmmm... I'm so gonna get flamed for this. But I don't care lah.

School sucks big time. You hear that, Higher Being?! Step in and help la... Bassket.

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