Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tennis and Object of My Affection: Part 2.

Ok, I have semi-decided to take up tennis in Uni. It's $75 I think, and I hope it's not $75 per session cuz I would then have to rob a bank to finance my budding interest in sports. This would be silly cuz I would be arrested and would most probably spend my time behind bars, cursing myself for robbing the bank to finance something that I would most probably give up after 3 weeks.

Enough rambling..


Did I mention that I'm sooo looking forward to a Motorola Razr V3? No? Ok... I really want a Motorola V3.

The newest toy I want.

so sleek

Gawd I'm hyperventilating...

Would give hand and/or foot for the phone. Interested sponsors please email me with your credit card details as soon as possible. Potential naggers, please look away right now. I know you want to strangle me. I can see it in your eyes.

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