Thursday, April 07, 2005


I've tried to be CREATIVE and post my entry as a picture instead of plain HTML text. But look at what happened...

It's too DAMN SMALL to read anything. Now I have to paste everything below so you can read what I've just typed. Grrrrrrrr.....


Had a chat with Huishi (Hweeeeee Sheeeeee!!!) and Youyuan (Psychoooooo Phil!!!) today. JC classmates. Good friends. Good ol' days.

Anyway it turned out that Huishi's teaching stint, urm called practicum (?? Not sure I'm getting this right..) is ending next week and she actually enjoys her job despite the punishing schedule. Good for her! I mean, it's better than mine I think, cuz she actually enjoys her job. Well, I was msn-ing and blogging feverishly while working.. so I couldn't really say I 'enjoyed' my job. Hmm.. contradiction. Would I rather be slogging my ass off? I think not.

Youyuan will be doing this.. hang on. I shall not continue blabbering about my friends' lives. Haha.. That's NOT the point of this entry anyway. Let me jump straight into the point now, lest I start digressing and forget what I'm supposed to talk about in 2 minutes' time.

..........DA POINT........

I haven't seen them for eons. Not so much for Huishi cuz I managed to meet her and Eugene for lunch while I was back. Even that was months ago. As for Youyuan and the rest of the class, or whatever's left of my social circle, I haven't seen them for over a year. YES. I'm that bad irritating person who whines about friends leaving and NOT doing much to keep them around. *sobs*

Aiyah.. it's all my job's fault. Time waster and they didn't even pay me well. Blah. Anyway I hope they (my friends, not my employers) are all well and they still remember that I'm alive and well. Yes, I haven't snuff it yet. We are still friends, right? Amigo?

My social circle is shrinking rapidly. Solutions, anyone?


Huishi says I'm a much chattier (Qn: Is there such a word? She used the word "chatty". I'm just curious.) person when I'm on msn and when I'm writing my blog. I'm much quieter in person and usually, it's the people around me who contribute to whatever conversation that's going on.

Hmmmmm.... I guess (I told her this) I'm not a talkative person. Well.. unless I feel strongly about something, or I've given some serious thought, or I've accumulated plenty of stuff... I can't simply go off and yak as and when I like. Yes, it's true.. I don't really chat on the spot. I can't. I lack the ability to do so.

Just like how most of us lack superpowers, unlike Superman and co. =(


I'll just try and find some other ways to make this more interesting the NEXT time. Ciaos.

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