Monday, April 11, 2005


Did I mention that I'm broke? No? I officially declare that I'm dead BROKE.

I've decided to add something to the side panel to record the stuff I buy every month. Then I can look back and bloody curse myself for spending on useless stuff. It may bring out the self control in me that I have suppressed to the deepest darkest corner of my very being. C'mon, it would be ridiculous to see "Shoes" appear repeatedly on the same list over the same month, wouldn't it? So for the sake of NOT embarassing myself, I would exert SELF CONTROL.

Oh did I mention I'm currently going thru a British phase? After watching Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (bloody hilarious) I am once AGAIN in love with Colin Firth. I know he's not actually handsome and stuff, but there's just something about him. Same goes for Liam Neeson... Gawd... ANYWAY..... Actually I would really want to move to London for various reasons. It would be fab to stay there.

And one thing, I am somewhat of a Bridget Jones' character. No.. I'm not pudgy, or a chain smoker, or a journalist. It's just that we both have this tendency to have weird scenarios going through our heads. Like an inner monologue.. A fantasist. Just a peculiar similarity I'd like to point out.

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