Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jeux d'enfants.

I guess I have been sort of neglecting my blog. Well it has a lot to do with the fact that I was so smug about blogging thrice a day that I decided to cool off a bit. ANYWAY nothing much happened since then, except the fact that

i) I had a major MATLAB assignment to do
ii) I whined about (i) to anyone that would hear about it
iii) I helped my bro at his MATLAB assignment
iv) I got stuck at HIS assignment
v) I totally told everyone how much I loved the "legendary"* red shoes
vii) I attended a friend's convocation
viii) I watched a cool and heartwarming (in my honest opinion) movie.

Well, (i) gave me much much unwarranted grief that I complained/whined to my friend continuously, which gave rise to (ii). And since I told everyone about my love for this particular pair of red shoes (see item (iv)), he knew about this pointless infatuation too.

He totally wrote a Cinderella story with all this thrown in. Of course, being a new age Cinderella story, there's no happy ending and all names are withheld to protect the privacy of the people the story was inspired from.

Apparently, a lot of people left comments for THAT PARTICULAR POST.

THAT'S MY STORY OK!!! Very funny, ah? Basssssket.

Anyway... friend's convocation was fun. Took photos and everything. Wore the hat too. Ok.. I don't know what that thing is called, but you wear that for graduation. (Just back from googl-ing [google (n.) the search engine. google (v.) the action of searching a keyword(s) using Google] and apparently, most people call that thing a graduation cap or hat. So I guess I was right..) Hmm... feel damn smug again for making up that google dictionary-esque thingy again. Cheap thrill man.... Anyway it's a bittersweet feeling wearing the hat because I'm not the one graduating, but someday I will.

Ha-di-ha-ha. Take that, you stupid faculty.


Ok, moving on! Jeux d'Enfants. Otherwise known as "Love me if you dare". Actually that's not the literal translation for the name of the movie.

It's something different from your conventional romance "when-harry-met-sally-or-any-other-meg-ryan-sweet-like-no-tomorrow" movie. Gawd I like to make up new description or word. Just string up a bunch of words and add hyphens in the middle. Voila! You get something new. Speaking of the word "voila", I hate it when people spell it wrong. I mean, it's "Voila!" and not "Viola!" for crying out loud. It's not a freaking instrument!

Ok, I digress. No more rage and going off tangent.

Jeux d'Enfants. Wow.. when 2 strongheaded kids befriended each other, they started a game. Each similar to the other, both were proud and unwilling to lose out to the other. They dared each other to do ridiculous stuff. So much so that they didn't really trust what the other party was saying anymore. "Is it a dare? Or are you speaking the truth? After all these years can I trust you?" that kinda thing.

In short, they wasted many many many years trying to spite each other and outdo each other. If only they were willing to put down their pride and let down their guards. Well, eventually... You watch it yourself lah. A very painful and quirky love story.

Sigh... I really love the movie. The games they played bring back so much memories. I'm so going to get the dvd and soundtrack.

You can check it out here,

* a private joke. Things that have been mentioned at great lengths are bestowed with the title, "legendary".

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