Friday, April 08, 2005



Once again I've failed abysmally at this photo/picture thing.

A couple of movies I wanna plug. I watched them quite some time ago on my flights to the States and Sydney... They are pretty good, and quirky. My kinda flicks. ;)

Without further ado,

1) RRRrrrr!!!
This is a French movie and the title is goddamn funny. It goes like a roar of some sorts and the movie is set in prehistoric times. You have to see it to laugh at how ridiculous the plot is. It's about the rivalry between 2 tribes, because one had discovered the secret formula to shampoo for long shiny silky locks and refused to trade with the opposite tribe. Which was the sole reason for the rivalry. It's sooooo freakin ridiculous that you can't help but laugh like you've gone mad. It's not your typical American toilet humour... more of Stephen Chow's boliao-ness in French. Try to watch it if you can find it. Slapstick comedic gem.

The movie's official site. Might help if you know French. *winks*

2) Ricordati di Me
An Italian movie. A bit more of a drama than romance. A typical family of four, with everyone trying to shed their burdens and 'failures' to become the person they want to be. Dad is frustrated with family, a novelist who has troubles both in office and the family with no one who really has the time or puts in the effort to listen to him. Mom is a housewife, who was once an actress and but gave up her dream to be with her family. Everyone thinks she's no good or rather, she has no talents and should just focus on her family. Daughter is 18 and dreams of hitting it big by becoming a tv personality. Son is 19, and has no directions in life and desperately trying to fit in.

Anyway it shows the struggles, pain and the length everyone goes to prove that he/she is worth something. Not your soppy kinda movies... it makes you think real hard though.

3) The Heart of Me
This one is a Hollywood thing if I'm not wrong... not a major blockbuster.. more of an independent movie. It's a drama about this man having an affair with his wife's sister. Ok.. it sounds sordid but really, it's more about exploring the strain on the sisters' relationships, and the relationship between husband-wife-sister. Complicated and heart wrenching. This movie may not be be appealing to the guys.

4) Garden State
Now, I have this dvd... and Zach Braff is good. I have always liked him in Scrubs. It's a pity that they are not showing Scrubs on tv cuz it's real good. This is a movie about a couple of whack-jobs who go ga-ga for one another. Natalie Portman is in this one.

5) Leak
A german movie. It’s a little like “Training Day”, but with more human emotions involved. I think Training Day got something from this movie, I’m not sure. It’s just a general feeling.

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