Saturday, April 30, 2005

Star Wars Revelations.

Now now... George Lucas is NOT releasing 2 Star Wars movie this summer to bleed us dry. Star Wars Revelations is made by a fan.

Good news, Star Wars buffs. There's a new movie out this spring—and it isn't by George Lucas. The 40-minute, fan-made Star Wars Revelations cost a mere $20,000. It's also just as good as—and often quite better than—the cringe-inducing Star Wars movies of recent years. Indeed, it's so artistically successful that it suggests a radical idea: Maybe Lucas should step aside and let the fans take over.

-- "May the Force Be With You, And You, And You...", Clive Thompson, Slate Magazine

Read all about it, here.

Wow.... I'm not sure if it's really good but since it's FREE and you get to download the file (only 250mb) without fearing a lawsuit smacking you left, right and center, DO download it and see for yourselves. I mean, if it's bad you can just delete it and whine about lost time at the very most. BUT if it's goooooood, you'll be patting your own back for taking a chance.

We are such suckers for free legal (sometimes otherwise) downloadable materials.

You can download the movie, here.

Well if you are one of those lucky sods who have a PSP, you can download the movie in PSP MP4 format on the same site too. The people at Panic Struck Productions simply has far too much time, I reckon. The movie poster looks really urm, shoddy. Or rather crappy. Somehow the Rosie O'Donnell looking woman in the background is giving me the creeps.

Star Wars and Rosie O'Donnel do not go well together. Seriously.

I haven't watch the movie yet because I'm still downloading it. So, no comments there.

Enjoy the weekend!

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