Monday, April 11, 2005


Remember I mentioned something about not being able to post an entry because of "technical difficulties"? This is IT!!! Well I was in town on Saturday and apparently, the city council of Sydney decided to close off York Street near Wynyard Station because they were bloody filming Superman there!

I didn't know that until the bus went past and I saw "The Daily Planet" sticker on one of those news truck. I went, "Isn't the "Daily Planet" where Lois Lane and Superman worked? Hmmmmm.... HANG ON A SEC. Haven't I heard they are filming Superman before? ARE THEY FILMING RIGHT THERE ON THE BLOODY STREET!?"

That's when I decided to hop off the bus (4 stops ahead of mine) to go kaypoh around and gawk. I saw the costumes and makeup trailers (the doors were open) but I couldn't snap away cuz burly security guards were standing there. Didn't see Kate Bosworth too. Was half hoping to be employed on the spot to be some extras... didn't happen. *pouts*

Anyway I took some pix with Victor's phone and the quality sucked. Nevertheless I present to you, the Superman film set.

See the huge crane and that giant board they suspended over the park? Apparently it was for some lighting purposes...

see the yellow nyc cab? It's in Sydney outside Wynyard station.

Apparently filming some scenes.. I heard they were doing a hospital scene though.


I know it's nothing spectacular and you probably can't see the details anyway. But what the heck.. I'm just excited. And I discover this trend.

They sure like to make movies on the streets of Sydney. Especially the Wynyard/Martin Place stretch. They filmed the Matrix here too, in case you dunno.

Remember in "Matrix", i.e. the very first one when Neo was training in a simulated world? He was walking among a sea of pedestrians clad in black suits when a beautiful blond in a red dress walked past, with this water feature behind. THAT was done at Martin Place.

Trinity flying the chopper with Neo hanging onto a cable? That's Wynyard.

In "Matrix Revolutions", when Lathi (the indian girl) woke up on the street after the Neo/Smith fight? That's Martin Place too. Right outside the Emporio Armani megastore.



This is not part of the Superman set. Just an artsy fartsy picture I took on the bus while crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge..

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