Monday, May 30, 2005

Freaking cold autmn, Ugg boots, low threshold, piercings and Mrs. Banker.

I am so damn cold right now.

It's supposed to be autumn right now and from all your movies, it should be pleasant weather with a slight chill. People will stroll in parks where huge trees are covered with brown leaves, and when the breeze comes, the leaves will dance and it'll look like wonderland. Everyone will look as if the weather is perfect for sitting in the park, watching the flock of ducks swimming ever so idly across the pond.

Sorry. Wrong picture. There is no pond and there is no cute duckies swimming. When the breeze comes, you just want to grab the parka around you tighter and pray so hard that you don't freeze on the street. Dancing leaves? You should pray that the tree is strong enough to stand the 'gust' of wind and doesn't fall on you.

It's so freaking cold that people generally do not want to step outdoors anymore.

It's sooooo drying as well. After piling on the lotions (I've got loads) I can still feel the skin on my legs cracking. *sobs* I feel like a human desert.

Parch desert cracks. Reminds me of my legs.

I'm wearing my eskimo-like parka on top of 2 other layers of clothing, and I'm still shivering from the bitter bitter cold. I don't have a heater in my house due to various reasons. It's ONLY autumn and I'm wearing my parka indoors. Can you imagine what it'll be like in winter?

I'm now contemplating on buying a pair of Ugg boots to tide myself over this harsh autumn/winter.

Comfy pink Ugg boots. Warm toasty feet.


It could be the overbearing cold or the crushing pressure of writing my thesis report, but I'm seriously thinking of getting my ears pierced. Everyone knows that I have a low threshold for pain. Not "Ouch, I fell down and I have a gash now" kinda pain. You know, those rugby players can hug the ball and slide themselves across the line to score, scraping away what's rest of the skin on their limbs. (Not pain, ah???) I know some kids can take it because they can fall, bleed, and continue playing. "Oh I fell and now my knees are bleeding. OII!!! Kick the ball THIS way!!" and off they go running like the wind. These kids are going to be great soccer/rugby/hockey players.

Not me. I will yelp and if no one is looking, howl like there's no tomorrow. Being the hypochondriac, I'll make sure I get my dear mom to ship me off to the nearest clinic for a tetanus shot after convincing myself I will die should it get infected. Gangrene, and how I might have to hack off my hand/leg. And the pain from the injection... I shudder to think of it.

Anyway, back to body piercing. Nope I haven't got any piercings because should I one day meet a rich, handsome, decent banker who adores me to death, I don't want to ruin my chances of being Mrs. Banker by scaring the pants off his parents with my multiple piercings and tattoos. Which respectable Mrs. Banker has all that piercings and tattoos anyway!?

I'm simply afraid of the pain. Mom actually (at one time) forced me to get my ears pierced, half convincing me that it wouldn't hurt, just like an ant bite. My dad had to step in and tell me the "actual" (read: exaggerated) process.

"They will take your earlobe and put this gun thing on top of it. And before you
know it,


they will blast the studs onto your earlobe."

My god. Using the "WHAM!!!!!" sound to describe ear piercing is not going to help. It instills such fear that I'm still frightened up till this very day.


Anyway just thought I'll get my ears pierced. The numbing cold from winter will just numb the pain since I can't feel shit anything from the cold.

Decluttering, wasting money, lotions and potions, eBay and freebies.

I'm clearing out my cupboard. I have soooooooo many stuff I don't need or don't want and I don't really know what to do with them.

Actually I wanted to be a good girl and clean my contact lenses for the first time in months. I mean, if contact lenses could grow fungus or moss, mine would be sprouting huge mushrooms and covered with green slippery moss by now.

I went around looking for my solutions and whatnot, and discovered a whole treasure chest chockful of products and some unwanted pre-loved clothing.

Can't let my mom know cuz she will scold me for wasting money. I can totally hear her scream "See? I told you, you don't need white corduroy jeans. And you've never worn them. Wasting money... " and so on and so forth.

*mutter mutter*

Actually I'm donated that pair of jeans and some other clothing to the Salvation Army. Shhhh... White cords are so, 1980s. So passe. I love white in all its whitest glory but white cords is just a huge mistake. HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. Don't know what got into me. White trousers, that's another story for another glorious day.

Anyway I realise I have at least 5 different body lotions, 4 moisturisers, lipbalms (lost count), lipgloss in various shades of pink (lost count) and 5 fragrances sitting on my table. My god, I can smear all these on an entire village (a small one) and not finish everything.

Don't judge me by all the stuff I buy on impulse. If you look closely, you'll realise there's a second tier of stuff. Don't know what got into me.

It's ok because I have a way to recoop my losses. I'm selling stuff I've not used on eBay. Need the mahnee for urm, other shopping funds expenditures. I don't know what I'll do without eBay.

If you are family or my friends and you want some of these stuff (they are brand new), leave a message here so I'll pass them to you when I get back. Better to give away than to waste perfectly good stuff.

Spiralling and do you think I'm off my hinges.

I'm spiralling downwards into an abyss. Look at me. My thoughts are all depressing and negative.

I wonder if people who read this site thinks I'm mad or (agree that) I'm clinically depressed.

Do you think I'm off my hinges?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Clinically depressed, shopping list, pets and blog.

I'm feeling so blue lately I think I may be clinically depressed.

Anyway things should improve pretty soon, given the fact that I believe nothing could possibly go worse since it's pretty much in the shits dumps now.

But it's ok. I will cheer myself up somehow. There's nothing retail therapy can't cure. Ok, maybe AIDS and cancer and all other incurable diseases. But everything else, it can fix.

Let's go through what I would really like to have now.

1) a Balenciaga-ish bag.

Victor says it's ugly, with all the tassles hanging all over the place. I think it's cool. Boho chic.

2) a Mulberry Roxanne bag.

But hard to find here since it's a British thing. Seafoam green (right side) would be really really good. I swear I won't want anything else if I can have this bag.

3) Abercrombie & Fitch Caitlin skirt.

It looks short. It IS short. But it's pink and cute so I don't really care. =/ But I gotta go banish those thunder thighs before stepping out into the known world in this.

4) Abercrombie & Fitch Green Olivia vintage tshirt.

It's just another tshirt. But in GLORIOUS GREEN. I strive to stock my wardrobe with enough colors to color a rainbow.

5) Abercrombie & Fitch Bomber jacket.

Wah... there's a furry fur-trimmed hood! So eskimo-like. I got something similar and it's winter soon, so this will be fab.

6) Abercrombie & Fitch jumper

Actually I got 5 hoodies (all different colors) already. But these kind of campus-ish logo stuff is just so cute. Nevermind this, I can survive without this jumper.


WAAAAAHHHH, there sure is plenty of stuff. A lot from Abercrombie too! I like Abercrombie's stuff. Quintessential American clothing. The prices are slightly steep but there's always eBay. =X Come to think of it, now I believe the "You're so yank!" statement. Wenwei you are so right.

Actually there's not really a lot of stuff (only 6). There's still fragrances, accessories and all other stuff. I can always add a Hermes Birkin bag, authentic or otherwise (I don't really care), because it's soooo roomy. Can put all my barang and smuggle a pet home. But then again I'm not posh/classy enough to carry it off.

Speaking of pets, my parents forbid me to have any pets. =( Granted I've kept fishies in the past but they all died within the week. Tamagotchis are what I'm good at. I can keep them for weeks until they have 3rd generation and 4th generation kids. No shit kidding. I would really want a small doggie, except that I have a problem with picking up the shit poo it leaves behind. My problem is now solved! I have a pet hamster now. Electronic one at that!

I'm so glad I have a blog. I can channel all my rage/sadness/bimbostic thoughts/ramblings here. I mean, it's good if you have a friend to "share" all your ups and downs with. Well, people usually listen to you because they are too embarassed to reject you. Sometimes they wish you wouldn't share all your "quality thoughts and feelings" with them because it doesn't matter to them or they have something better to do.

Well, now I've bypassed all that and I'm feeling swell. At least now I don't have the feeling of being judged by others by telling them stuff. People say "Tsk.. she's so brainless and shallow..." or "Oh my goodness I can't believe she's so immature to think that way."

Don't think I don't know that some people say that about me.


The world is such a small place.

This girl has everything. Several cars to her name because her dad and godfather bought her cars for her 18th birthday. Her dad bought a yacht for her and named it after her. They have since sold it because of the economy crisis several years back.

She splurges on Balenciaga, Tod's and everything in between. And she claims she knows the value of money.

I don't know what to think.


Until I found out who her dad was. I can't believe it. He's a subordinate (of sorts) and he spends like mad while the BOSS (the real deal behind the scenes) is a thrifty guy.

Knows the value of money... my ass. Wait till I bump into her next time.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Stagnant, procrastination and the girl no one remembers.

I want a change. Actually I think it's time for a change.

I've been looking the way I do now for years and if you haven't seen me for a long time, say 4 years, I still look the same. I still have the same haircut (despite telling the hairdresser to cut it differently), I still more or less dress the same, I still have my glasses and yes, I'm still of the same height.

I see people around me progressing, moving forward. They have new outlooks on life, new hobbies, new friends, new images and new jobs. New everything. I'm still the same old person 4 years ago. It's a little discomforting to see everyone moving forward while you are still the same place you were 4 years ago.

I feel so left behind. The girl no one notices or remembers.

The thing is, I want to change. I've been wanting to change for ages. Then again, I procrastinate. I just can't help but convince myself "I can always change a month later. It's not that urgent". My contact lenses are somewhere in the house. I haven't worn them more than 10 times in the last 4 years simply because I'm lazy. I used to wear them daily when I was home, getting up at least 20 minutes earlier to put them on. Now I'm just lazy beyond words.

I don't really take the effort to dress (nicely) anymore. T-shirts and jeans, complete with a jacket. Almost everyday for the past 4 years, blending effortlessly into the campus background. Blending so perfectly that I'm the wallpaper and you can't tell me apart from the regular jeans-wearing student anymore.

Sometimes I just hate myself for being so regular.

Friends and horrible recurring dreams.

I think I miss my friends at home soooooo much. So much that I dreamt I married one of my buddies in college while all my other close friends watched.



I had 3 SEPARATE dreams last night. Anyway I think it's kinda sad to have such wacky dreams. Sad, as in pathetic and not "oh no my poor pet goldfish died" kinda sad. This is not the first time I had some wacky dreams. And not just friend A for that matter, but there is a list of them who have appeared in my dreams.

I hope I can still look at my friends the way I used to (without embarassment) when I do see them. If they read this, I hope they can look at me the way they used to as well. Without prejudice or mockery.

Well, at least it's better than THAT recurring dream I have. I've had it for as long as I can remember. Everytime when I fall sick, I get the same horrid dream of being chased down an alley by something/someone. I never did look behind in those dreams. I ran for my life and somehow "it" caught up with me and I would wake up at that moment with cold sweat and a pounding heart.

It doesn't feel good to have horrid dreams. Weird dreams? I can handle it. But horrible scary recurring dreams? I wish they would go away.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Back view and loneliness.

When I was on my way home this evening, I came across the local high school. The school grounds were empty, except for the brown fallen leaves that littered the school. The carpark was almost empty, except for a truck and 2 cars.

There were no children in the school and I think school had been over for quite some time. No children playing in the fields or training on the courts. Just empty.

Then I saw a man walking around the school yard with a black trash bag in his hand. It was a big school yard. Not the typical Singaporean school yard with concrete and a small patch of lawn. That was the school yard I know because I was schooled in Singapore. The yards here are like a park, with big trees extending as far as the eye could see. Students sitting beneath them, chatting and eating, playing games.

*Not exactly a photo of the school yard but it looks something like this.

The man was picking up the remnants the kids left behind. The kids didn't leave them behind, but the strong gusty autumn wind just picked up wrappers in the bins and scattered them around. Still there wasn't much rubbish, and the man didn't seem bothered or grumpy.

However it was something about watching the back view of a single person that makes you think. He seemed so lonely, hobbling around the school yard and bending every now and then to pick something up. Sure he was the schoolkeeper but it seemed that no one ever paid attention to him. The kids had come and gone. The school was completely quiet and no one was around. But him. It was a lonely back view.

All of a sudden, I felt sad for him.


And it's not just this lonely man that gets to me. Old people get to me as well. I feel sad when I see old people, all wizened and wrinkled, alone. I just wonder where their families are and why they are alone. They seem so frail and lost in this frantic world of ours.

Some things just get to me.

Corby gets 20 years.

I'm not sure if you hear this piece of news anywhere else in the world (pssst... because it is an Australian thing), but Schapelle Corby is sentenced to 20 years in prison. Serving in Bali no less.

Well if you don't know who this woman is, here's what happened to her. She was going to Bali with friends and family for a holiday, bringing surfboard and stuff. Upon arriving at Bali airport, she was stopped at the customs after picking up her luggage. The customs people opened up her bag and found one GIGANTIC TRANSPARENT bag of marijuana in her bag.

Naturally, she was prosecuted and now sentenced to prison.

Many people have different opinion on this. Schappelle, of course, is saying that she's innocent someone planted it there.

Some Australians, maybe blinded by pure national pride or born without common sense or have this "Aussies can do no wrong" mentality, are standing up for her in the weirdest ways. They are demanding that the PM go talk to the Bali court and release her immediately. Hello? Common sense please. She's under the jurisdiction of ANOTHER COUNTRY and how can you show such plain disregard for another country? Release her out of jail without a trial? Fat hope.

I don't know what to think of this situation. On one hand, I believe that she's innocent because who in their right frame of mind would smuggle 4.1kg of marijuana in a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG FOR EVERYONE TO SEE? Who would just stuff it in the bag without concealing it beneath tons of clothes or camouflaging it with potpourri? Ok, potpourri comes to mind cuz marijuana was in the "leaf" form.

As I learn over the years, from the educational tv shows no less, people go to great lengths to smuggle contraband goods. They wrap it. They stuff it. They scotchtape the thing till it's unrecognizable. And they wrap it somemore with black plastic so it wouldn't show it's DRUGS. Even your local DVD seller would hand you your pirated DVDs in black plastic so it will not show. Here, there's this sloppiness that comes to mind. Not concealing the damn drug at all is just plain stupid.

Then again, she's not your quiet meek little girl who's next in line to an angel. Her background is a little dubious and she has that shifty look. I know a person's background and looks have nothing to do with the case but the IMPRESSION someone has about you can really do you in.

Well, at least I don't have to hear about her case in the news every night now. Guilty of possession of trafficking. 20 years. She's gonna be old by the time she gets out.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy ending, hypocrites and God wanting to spite us.

Rags to riches. Cinderella story. Happily ever after. Striking 25 million dollar lottery (tax free).

Everyone loves a happy ending. We love hearing about unfortunate people, the less priviledged finding happiness, wealth and good health. I mean, it doesn't really feel the same to know about rich people getting richer or Paris Hilton finding happiness in her chihuahua. It's just not the same.

I wonder if we're being sincere about being happy for others or we're jealous their good fortune or we're just a bunch of unsatisfied whiners.

Are we really happy for the people who managed to find happiness/wealth/good health? I am pretty sure SOME people are not over the moon when you tell them how overjoyed you are. They smile but seriously deep down in their black black hearts, they just want to scream expletives in your face.

I'm not sure why they are not happy but it could be due to a feud or them generally being insufferable skinflints with unhappy DNA. Who knows.

Sometimes we're just plain jealous. You just keel over with such rage and jealousy because you wonder why you can't have such good fortune like him/her/it.

But most of all, I believe we are all one big bunch of unhappy and unsatisfied wankers whiners. We are unhappy with our financial status, even when we are not in the red. We are unhappy with our appearances despite being perfectly healthy.

And I just think I might know why we are not "finding" or "getting" the "happiness".

Why, you ask? Because God has a weird sense of humour.

Actually, no. (I think) He just thinks of us (the complaining wankers) as undeserving asswipes people so He just makes people around us happy. Perhaps to spite us, you say. I agree. To make us come to our senses? It could be.

Just what I think about, besides materialistic and shallow stuff, when I am bored.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Michael Jackson and rich people's problems.

I guess most people in this galaxy (and maybe the one next door) would have heard about Michael "I shared my bed with children" Jackson and his lawsuit by now.

Anyway, Jay Leno was asked by the defence team to testify in court and in the end, it did not help Jackson's case one bit. I think we can safely say, it backfired.

Jackson's team wanted to paint the kid and his family as a money grubbing bunch, and therefore effectively casting the idea that the kid was doing all these for money. And Leno was supposed to further strengthen this point. But Leno, due to the "I swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the whole truth so help me God" oath he took, said the boy didn't ask for money.

Uh-oh. Alleged molested boy 1. Wacko Jacko 0.


But one good thing is coming out of this entire court case. Jacko will not be inviting boys to share his bed anymore.

Asked if Jackson would continue to share his bed with children, Bain referred to
an earlier statement by the singer in which "he indicated that he had learned a lot (from the case). He said he's never going to put himself in this position again."
Or so he says.


Actually I don't really care about the court case or Jacko. I just wonder if the Michael Bashir's documentary (the one that discloses MJ sleeping with children) brought out the paranoia in people. So bunking in the same bed with children will inevitably mean improper behaviour? So if a man looks at a cute little girl for a minute too long, he's up to no good?

Then again, I also wonder about how delusional these nutjobs "bigshot celebs" are. They are up to their eyes in millions and they can have everything money can buy. They get so self absorbed and then lose themselves in Fantasyland. They can be in their pyjamas and stroll into a court hearing late. A multi-million dollar mansion on the much coveted hills of Beverly Hills is not enough anymore. Gold bathroom fixtures are too common. A mansion with a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and a 10-car garage is not enough.

They have to go ahead and build monstrocities like the Neverland Ranch. Complete with a theme park in the backyard.

A bit much, isn't it? Apparently not. Cuz Bill Gates got his own island theme thing going on in Seattle.

And we haven't even brought up their "problems". Alcohol abuse, nasty coke/drug habit, "my parents don't love me enough" problems, "he/she/they/it earns more millions than I do" problems, "I'm not the top of the A list and people don't love me enough" problems etc.

Sometimes it's good to be normal people like us.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

All overzealous blogging must come to an end.

Hmm... it seems that my overzealous blogging phase has come and gone. This couldn't come at a better time since I have less than 1 week plus to complete my thesis report.

I still have a lot of photos (alright, 15) that I can post here, but that would require me to churn out several posts on top of my report. So, no can do. Maybe some other time, when I'm retired or have graduated from uni.

I'm doing my 4th year at uni and I'm required to do this thesis business. This report has to be over a hundred pages, complete with detailed analysis, diagrams and whatnot. I'm currently at page 32. Including the cover page, table of content and bibliography which make up about 8 pages out of the 32. So to be on the safe side, I have to churn out over 70 pages of crap quality writing. This is not good news.

I hate this feeling of helplessness.

It makes me feel wretched to know that people are ill and you can't do anything about it. I mean, I feel so out of place everytime I know that someone is ill. I do the whole "I hope he/she gets better soon" thing but really, I feel like crap because I can't do anything to help the person get better. My words and well wishes will not cure the person. Modern medicine can. This sense of helplessness cripples me. How I wish I studied medicine.

Wait. If not for my parents, I would be doing medicine and I would have become a doctor by now. That's another story for another day.


Watched Team America the other day on dvd. It's funny alright, but I can't help but feel that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have too much time on their hands to come up with such a script.

"I'm so ronery.... so ronery... so ronery and sadry arone..."

Good luck getting Kim Jong Il to sing at the Oscars!


Derek commented that my blog is becoming a newstation. Urm I don't know what to say. You can look at it from different angles.

  1. I have nothing much going on in my life so I write about other stuff.

  2. I just want to share the interesting stuff I come across

  3. All of the above.

I just don't really know why. I can't really write inspirational pieces. I can't write satire. I can't write too much about my personal life. Since by doing that I would have to spill everything about my friends' lives, which may in turn lead to the breakup of our beautiful friendships.

Well, most of the time I filter out stuff about my friends' lives.

Friday, May 20, 2005

King Tut, Ned Flanders, Bush and soy beans.

King Tutankhamun. Discovered years ago by Howard Carter about 80 years ago. (Just another random useless bit of info (unless asked in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire") I know.)You know, the Egyptian boy king who was murdered?

Anyway he was recently x-rayed, and using the "fantabulous" computer imaging we have nowadays, scientists had been able to reproduce his face. We now know what the mummified boy king looks like.

Reincarnation Confirmed!
The startling results of modeling King Tut's face.
By Andy Bowers
Posted Friday, May 13, 2005, at 11:18 AM PT

King Tut. Dead Pharaoh from ancient past.
And apparently he looked like Boy George.

Boy George. Performer from the not-so-ancient past.

Uncanny resemblance. Nice work on the eye makeup.


Some time ago I looked around online to find Bart Simpson's picture. And I found this gem.

How Ned Flanders became a role model
By Giles Wilson
BBC News Online

Ned "Hididdeliho" Flanders.

And suddenly I imagined many Neds around me. All the bible-toting red states people. All I can say is that, it's scary. Okelydokely scary.

This came up too.

Conservatism As Pathology
Are Bush supporters literally insane?
By Timothy Noah

I agree. The emphasis on values in his last campaign has apparently endeared Bush to his people. Talking about the good old days, the way things were and how same-sex marriage is wrong etc.

It's not ok to marry a person of the same sex, but it's ok to go blasting people to bits in the name of upholding "justice" and ridding the world of make-believe WMD?


The Amazon forest is getting chopped down just because the Brazilian governor can.

Amazon reduced by 10,000 square miles
Farmers, ranchers led by Brazilian governor continue clearing

Logging of the Amazon in Brazil. This is soooo wrong.

The governor is the world's biggest soy farmer, so he conveniently allows deforestation to expand his soy farming.

I wonder, does he know this thing called global warming? I ought to send the governor a copy of "The Day After Tomorrow".

Arctic Melting Fast; May Swamp U.S. Coasts by 2099
Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News

Scientists have determined that the ice in Greenland and the Arctic is melting so rapidly that much of it could be gone by the end of the century.


Just one not-so-important question. Which one is the correct word, soy or soya? My 6.5th sense tells me it's soy. Soya sauce sounds so wrong.

Seinfeld and the disappointment in Square Enix.

I am upset with the people at Square Enix. They keep me waiting and waiting and waiting for years.

I mentioned Kingdom Hearts 2.

The gang in Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm still gonna wait...

Screenshot of Kingdom Hearts 2. They always love to tease us by releasing stuff like this.

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.

The swoonsome broody guy every girl loves.

AND Final Fantasy 12.

The official logo for Final Fantasy 12.

Combat scene.

The female lead. FF's girls are ALWAYS pretty. "Out of this world and yet girl next door" kinda pretty. =(

I've mentioned them so long ago and they were supposed to be out for ages. Apparently they are not out yet.

Final Fantasy XII delayed?
Square Enix president says the much-anticipated RPG will likely miss its spring 2005 release, outlines new monthly game-ship strategy.

TOKYO--Fans eager to get their hands on Final Fantasy XII may have to keep waiting. Square Enix president Youichi Wada recently told Bloomberg that the PlayStation 2 role-playing game will probably not be released in the spring of 2005, as previously anticipated, adding that the company has not set a firm date for the newest installment in the Final Fantasy series.

Kingdom Hearts 2
USA: Winter 2005 (confirmed at E3 2005)
Japan: Unknown

How long must I wait!? It has been almost 2 years. If I had a child, he/she would have been 2 years old by then. Basssssket.

Same goes for FF7:Advent Children. 3 years. Kingdom Hearts 2 as well.

Square Enix would be so banned from my list if not for their quality productions.

And I so want to buy the Seinfeld DVD set. Ah, the show about nothing. I lurve it.

Star Wars merchandise and pride.

After watching Star Wars, I'm on this Star Wars high. People decked out in Star Wars garb.. And then I start to wonder where they got all their costumes from. They could have sewn it. But those white clonetrooper plastic moulds? Those are a bit too difficult, and they definitely have to come from some store.

I Googled and I found. Apparently you can buy stuff from the website. It's a whole new universe out there.

And I want this Jedi robe!

Wooooo!! Darth Vader's helmet. The things fans buy to look like the biggest baddest villain in the galaxy far far away.

The best of them all. Darth Vader's lightsaber! Not the plastic flipping kind ok.... *droooools*


And everytime I mention Star Wars, and all the ILM productions, there's this sense of pride that wells up inside.

I'm so proud of him.

MSN 7.0 Beta.

Sometimes I really hate the asswipes at Microsoft.

I tried signing in to MSN Messenger when I got online but this window "you must update in order to proceed" appeared. I really really really don't want the update because of all the negative features it has, like stopping you from transferring music files. Very Big Brother, trying to control what you can and cannot do.

When I wanted to log on, I was forced to download the new MSN 7.0 against my will.

And when the damn thing couldn't connect, I had to use the damn website to upgrade my MSN 7.0.

Such a major pain.

This is soooooo wrong. Where is my right? I have the right to use my old messenger if I damn well want to. Why am I forced to download the new one so that I can start messenger?! It's like if I don't upgrade, I can't use it at all.

Outright blackmail.

When all their customers migrate to Apple's Mac OS/Linux, Microsoft's dead. And you need to know this, Mac OS is much much more stable than Windows because it doesn't crash. And Linux is free and stable.

But it's not easy to convince people to migrate. The power of marketing.

Freedom Tower.

Some topics have expiry dates. When you have something new and you want to write it down, you better do it quick. Otherwise you'll just be one of the millions who write about the same stuff as everyone when you could have been the "first" to do it.

Like I've mentioned earlier, I wanted to write something on the Freedom Tower. Now that it's splashed all over the news, no one really wants to hear about it anymore.


But I shall still write about it because I've already got the pictures and a stub of the post on my computer. Thou shall not waste.

Donald Trump doesn't like the new plans for World Trade Center. He calls it disgusting and a pile of junk. He wants to rebuild WTC, you know, the Twin Towers and everything, the way it was. Only better and stronger.

Trump calls Freedom Tower 'disgusting' and a 'pile of junk'
"I'd rather have nothing than what they're building," says the real estate mogul in a
Hardball interview

Some people think Trump should stay out of it. His taste in architecture isn't exactly good judging by all his buildings and casinos. It's all very tacky. Judge for yourself.

This is soooooo wrong.

The Freedom Tower. It's not disgusting, is it?

I don't know man... I rather like the new Freedom Tower they proposed. It's very space-y and futuristic, almost implying a better future. Outstanding, like the leader in a pack. That's only my interpretation.

If the same Twin Towers are rebuilt, I think, will only mean 2 things to the people who have to use it or live near it or survivors of 9/11.

The bad thing is, it's like seeing the nightmare physically again. If I were a survivor, the scene of those planes crashing into the towers will just replay in my head. I won't even want to go near it because I would be too paranoid. I would rather it be a empty plot of land.

The good thing about rebuilding the Twin Towers, is that they are showing the world "we are ok".

"You blasted it to bits, but I'll rebuild it again. You'll never ever get me down. "

Somehow the Chumbawamba song (Tubthumping) is creeping into my head. Don't think it's appropriate.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars 3 and credits.

I've watched Star Wars 3.

It's not bad. Not as good as I've hoped for, but it's still good. Won't say more lest it spoils the entire cinematic experience for you. Remember to buy drinks and popcorn. The movie runs for 2 hour 40 minutes.

At least smuggle food in if you don't want to pay for overpriced soft drinks and popcorn. *winks*

I took photos of the lightsabers I mentioned and I'll post it when I find the damn cable. How I wish I got my red dual bladed lightsaber now. People in the cineplex were all decked out in their Star Wars best.

Nevermind. We still have the launch of Harry Potter in July. I will go find a decent looking broom and pointy hat to go queue for my book. Let's all immerse ourselves in the hype. Soak it up. You won't have the chance to do it in future. Just like there won't be anymore Star Wars movies for me to bring my lightsaber to. Just do it!


I'm the kind of person that sits around in the cinema until the credits finish rolling. Well, only movies that ILM is involved in. And I'm so proud to see his name on the credits of Star Wars 3.

If only I am as capable as he is.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Have you ever heard of headaches that start when you wake up and never go away?

My head is hurting so bad. Ever since I woke up. And it's 8.48pm now.

Medicine, rest, fluids and fruits didn't seem to help. God, the incessant pounding!

Damn it.


PS3 is out.

It'll be in stores next year but the details and actual console are already out. And I have the pics to show for it.

Playstation 3
The System,The Specs,The Games...

Damn I just have a new PS2. Nevermind.. 1 year is a long time and it doesn't really matter by next year because I would have gotten a job by then. Hopefully.

PS3 (chant with me!)



All I want for Christmas 2006 is PS3. And maybe a bag. And a holiday. And shoes. But for christmas 2005, I'll be grateful if I get PSP. And bag. And shoes.

Actually the list is long. How I wish wishlist is big in Asia. Then my friends and family, should they want to get me something, would get me something I like instead of things they THINK I would like.

But it's ok, cuz I love all of you all the same, great gifts or not. Or no gifts at all.

Monday, May 16, 2005


My brother's nick currently reads "I want to watch revenge of the sith now!".

So do I, brother. So do I.

And after watching Episode 2 last nite on the telly, those dormant Star Wars feelings are surging and gurgling at boiling point. Man, I wanna see Star Wars.

Which of course brings us to yet another post about the franchise/saga/phenomenon. Actually I'm about the only girl I know who's nuts about the movie. My cousins don't really know who Yoda is, and gushing about Qui Gon Jinn to them will inevitably draw to a blank. They will give me the "Huh? Are you speaking English?" face, and I will shuffle away and continue my animated conversation with my brother.

Qui Gon Jinn. My hero.

My temporary army of clonetroopers. More will be ready soon. The most Kick Ass Dispensable army you'll ever see.

"Another one dead?!?! It's ok. We've got more in the backyard."

A few questions I need answers to.

  1. How come Emperor Palpatine looked so ugly, complete with grey elephant hide in the end? He was normal looking when he was a senator. Did the dark side have an effect on his looks? Dark force not good for health?

  2. What made Yoda become the "mars bar stealing" Yoda in episode 4? He was all almighty grandmaster and stuff in episodes 1-3. And somehow he was reduced to stealing mars bar (Note: I don't know what the bar is. Energy bar, protein bar, mars bar. Whatever. I'm not big on details.) from Luke when Luke crashed into the swampy planet. Why?

  3. How come Leia didn't have the Force thing? Luke is her twin brother and the Force is strong in him. Why not Leia? Is it DNA, or she hasn't discover her potential yet?

3 more days and all shall be revealed.

The saga is complete.

p.s. Prepare to read more about Star Wars after thursday.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


What do you call the opposite of mental block? Cuz I think I'm having one recently.

I actually have enough "resources" to flood my blog with new articles. There are at least 8 new ones on my notebook waiting to get published. Well maybe half of them are quizzes, and some of them were written as early as last October. I just forgot about them until I checked if they were trash waiting to be deleted.

My cup runneth over with "quality thoughts" almost everyday. I have so much more to write. Including one on the ideal holiday getaway, my trip to Japan (Land of Hello Kitty), Freedom Tower, Star Wars 3, Sesame Street and historical figures.

My work here is not done yet. I need more time. And faster typing skills.


Phil and some others have briefly mentioned that I write long assed long posts. And many posts in one day too.

I can't help it, I just have too many things to say. Too many interesting things I want to share with the world.

Like how Bittorrent is a piece of shit. Really. I've downloaded like 73% of Scrubs episode 4x16, and when I tried to continue downloading a couple of days later, the damn thing wouldn't connect at all!


I thought to myself, "It could be that this link is dead. Maybe I should download the new torrent and start all over again."

Guess what?

Eh, it's a new bloody link. What more do you want?!

"Maybe people are way past episode 4x16. Just download the newest episode 4x25 and get on with life."

And the damn thing happened again.


I checked with the website and it clearly showed that there were plenty of hosts, seeds and leeches around. So why can't I get my fix of Scrubs?!

Those bastards.

And how stealing other people's internet connection is just so goddamn frustrating. My notebook picked up on the wireless networks around my place and they were bloody unsecured networks!
Meaning I could just connect, use their connections and download all my tv shows until they run out of goddamn download limits!

So I clicked on "Connect".

And I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And I couldn't wait anymore. So I used my own connection in the end.

Why does it have to take so long?

I could have
  1. learnt how to cook a 10 course Japanese gourmet meal,
  2. play golf like Tiger Woods,
  3. toilet train my dog (if I have one) and
  4. finally understand what the fish offside* is during that period of time.

There simply is no justice in this world.

* As far as I know, offside happens when the last defender is further to the goalkeeper than the offensive team.

Wenwei says it takes a shorter time explaining medicine, the human anatomy, quantum physics AND relativity to me (and all other girls) than explaining offside.

No more reality tv.

After doing my assignment non-stop, except for meals and toilet breaks, I'm exhausted. I'm hurting in places I never knew existed.

God I'm falling apart.

While waiting for Star Wars 2 to screen on tv (8.30pm), they are showing some reality tv shit now. The X Factor.

I hate reality tv. Yes, as much as I love The Amazing Race, it can get irritating at times.

The X Factor is simply a ripoff of the American Idol. I hate that show. I hate all the artists they churn out. I hate Australian Idol. I hate Singaporean Idol.

Down with Idol!

It's the GRAND FINALE tonight and they are having a FINAL SING-OFF between 2 remaining groups/contestants.

The X Factor. My gawd, there's this group in the final 2 that's aiming to be the next Boyz II Men. Crap. All that harmonising crap. Complete with all that cheesy and puke-inducing finger snapping shit.

They call themselves Random.

The other guy is aiming to be the next "Enrique Inglesias meet Rob Thomas meet some other guy" guy.

Now all the contestants, including booted-off rejects, are back together singing. Pretending to be some funky church choir, and singing acapella and off key.

I so wanna smash the tv right now. I shall refrain from doing so cuz I still wanna watch Star Wars later.

I hate the judges. Where's all the originality?! Striving to emulate the judges on American Idol is piss weak. The ONLY female judge went something like, "They are all so talented and I just wanna cry right now. They have come so far."

Notice the American Idol judges' formula? Stupid fako Paula-wannabe.

The X factor is a dumping ground for the Australian Idol rejects. If you can't succeed at Australian Idol, try The X Factor. If you can't get into that, join the next reality tv show coming your way. My goodness, it's an endless cycle that we viewers have to endure so the rejects can have a shot at stardom.

And these competitions are just sooooooooo damn irritating. Like Singapore Idol. I happened to be back home when they were showing the FINALE. Sylvester VS Taufik. It was the first time I heard them sing. And it was the last time I ever wanna hear them sing.

Sylvester is an ugly mofo who happens to butcher Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" on national tv. Taufik just happens to sound a little better than Sylvester.

There, I just said it.

I just don't understand why we have to choose a winner between 2 losers.

But it's a good thing in a way. At least by choosing one guy, we're ending the fucking show forever, the way it should be.

Well we don't have to hear them sing, but we still have to endure watching them on telly because they got offered endorsement deals. Sly was appearing all over the damn place when I was still back home, plugging toothpaste ads etc. And everytime he's on tv, I cursed in front of my family.

Thank god I left the country soon after.

Couldn't take it anymore.


In other music-related news, The Backside Backstreet Boys are back. I don't listen to the radio here in Sydney so I don't know much about the music scene nowadays. After checking some website to see what songs I could "sample", I saw Backside Backstreet Boys on the chart.

Some song called "Incomplete".

Err... Didn't BSB retire years ago? The last time I heard anything about the BSB was when I was still 15. Shouldn't they be Backstreet Men by now?

I tried downloading sampling the song but like all things I tried to "sample", I couldn't get the song.

Incomplete. What an apt name.

Stupid flying f***.

Frivolous lawsuits.

I'm confused. Jessica Simpson "Is this tuna or chicken" confused.

How do you pronounce Iraq?
Is it
1) yee-ruck, or
2) i-rack ?

I've had the good fortune of waking up at 5am every morning and watching delayed telecast of the NBC Today Show. It's like a morning program, complete with news and random interviews with powerful people and celebs.

Check it at

Saw Jet Li and Morgan Freeman trying to plug their new movie. I had a feeling Jet Li didn't get what Matt Lauer was asking.

In other news....

Robin Williams Sues Celeb Impersonator
-- The Associated Press May 13, 1:25 PM EST

I didn't know that impersonating other people is wrong. What about all the fake gyrating Elvis-es in Las Vegas? Elvis is never gonna re-enter the building and sue the living daylights out of them..

Fako Elvis.

Maybe telling people you're Robin Williams and doing all sorts of interviews are wrong. It's a little like Bart Simpson forging Marge's signature.

Bart Simpson, the coolest 10 year old kid in Springfield. He's up to mischief everytime you see him but you can't help admire his handiwork and his guts. He even made it to Time's "The Best of the '90". Beat that.

Eat my shorts. You are wise, young Bart. Eat my shorts, indeed.

But then again, who on EARTH wants to have the good fortune of looking like Robin Williams?! Brad Pitt, I can understand.

Brad is now legally single. But you have to fight with Angelina Jolie before you can get Brad. Not to mention the rest of the female population Earth has to offer.


Oh, I can't begin to tell you the pain I feel.

An excerpt from the article,

"I was completely suckered," C.J. wrote four days later after discovering the man was really Clayton. "When Pool arrived with 'Williams,' I was surprised by the blond hair. My suspicions eased when I saw Clayton's hairy arms."

So the reporter actually DID have his suspicions, but since no one else in Hollywood has hairy arms like Williams, he let his suspicions go. *sniggers uncontrollably*

NOTE: This is all in good fun. Please don't direct your legal eagles this way.

More Fahrenheit coming to the cinemas near you.

I have spoken to Allison the other day, and I told her I don't always write all that I think about. I don't exactly know who's reading my blog and just in case I write something I observe about my friends and they get offended. I went on about how I don't want to hurt people's feeling etc.

Blah blah blah.

She says we can't please everyone.

(What it sort of looked like on msn....)
Me: how how?
Allison: can't pls everyone.

Which is so true.

Her few words reassures me so much that I want to write every single thing down, offensive or otherwise.

If I can't please the entire world, the least I can do is to please myself.

To thy ownself be true.
-- Mel Gibson, Braveheart.

Hahaha it should be Hamlet, but I get so reminded of Cher in Clueless that I've decided otherwise.


There goes nuthin'.

I don't really get some people. I know they belong to a close-knit group of friends, but is it necessary to celebrate one another's fabulousness almost everyday? It's as if they belong together to boost/stroke one another's ego and assure themselves that they are pretty and nice. Just a step short of congratulating themselves.

A: You are soooo sweet!
B: You are soooo pretty!
C: You 2 are amazing people.
A: So are you, C.
B: Both you 2 are the bestest.

Urm... I can't find the words to describe this.


Although Fahrenheit 9/11 is an old documentary, I still enjoy it very much.

By old, I mean last year. And by enjoy, I mean it's thought provoking. And guess what, Michael Moore is working on his next film/documentary!


Wait for it.


Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2

Moore to shoot sequel to ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’
Film will focus once again on the Iraq war and terrorism
-- The Associated Press

The next movie. It's edited using Paint, for my own pleasure. I don't have fancy schmancy Photoshop. =(

Michael, if you are reading this and should you want to use this picture for your next movie, please contact me. Anyone close to Michael should tell him of this picture's existence.

It's a sequel and upon seeing the title, I'm not sure if he's trying to milk the first for all its worth or he really has A LOT to say. It reminds me of the old movie I watched when I was a kid. "The Naked Gun"

and its subsequent sequels "The Naked Gun 2 1/2"

and "The Naked Gun 33 3/4".

The typical Charlie Sheen + Leslie Nielsen toilet humour which I so enjoyed when I was 12.

I hope it's not a trend for Michael Moore's stuff. Make something new after the sequel. Maybe, he can make one on all the fad diets out there. The Atkin's, South Beach, Low Carb, No Carb, Macrobiotic, No Food diets out there. "Alternative" diets seem to be taking over people's lives so maybe he can do something about it, and tell people they are actually scams.

Or maybe something on the Kyoto Protocol, if the topic of fad diets is below him and he just "wants to be taken seriously". Talk about greenhouse gases emission and how SOME countries refuse to sign the damn paper, and damning us all to hell by pumping out toxic fumes every single second.

Just a thought.

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