Sunday, May 29, 2005

Clinically depressed, shopping list, pets and blog.

I'm feeling so blue lately I think I may be clinically depressed.

Anyway things should improve pretty soon, given the fact that I believe nothing could possibly go worse since it's pretty much in the shits dumps now.

But it's ok. I will cheer myself up somehow. There's nothing retail therapy can't cure. Ok, maybe AIDS and cancer and all other incurable diseases. But everything else, it can fix.

Let's go through what I would really like to have now.

1) a Balenciaga-ish bag.

Victor says it's ugly, with all the tassles hanging all over the place. I think it's cool. Boho chic.

2) a Mulberry Roxanne bag.

But hard to find here since it's a British thing. Seafoam green (right side) would be really really good. I swear I won't want anything else if I can have this bag.

3) Abercrombie & Fitch Caitlin skirt.

It looks short. It IS short. But it's pink and cute so I don't really care. =/ But I gotta go banish those thunder thighs before stepping out into the known world in this.

4) Abercrombie & Fitch Green Olivia vintage tshirt.

It's just another tshirt. But in GLORIOUS GREEN. I strive to stock my wardrobe with enough colors to color a rainbow.

5) Abercrombie & Fitch Bomber jacket.

Wah... there's a furry fur-trimmed hood! So eskimo-like. I got something similar and it's winter soon, so this will be fab.

6) Abercrombie & Fitch jumper

Actually I got 5 hoodies (all different colors) already. But these kind of campus-ish logo stuff is just so cute. Nevermind this, I can survive without this jumper.


WAAAAAHHHH, there sure is plenty of stuff. A lot from Abercrombie too! I like Abercrombie's stuff. Quintessential American clothing. The prices are slightly steep but there's always eBay. =X Come to think of it, now I believe the "You're so yank!" statement. Wenwei you are so right.

Actually there's not really a lot of stuff (only 6). There's still fragrances, accessories and all other stuff. I can always add a Hermes Birkin bag, authentic or otherwise (I don't really care), because it's soooo roomy. Can put all my barang and smuggle a pet home. But then again I'm not posh/classy enough to carry it off.

Speaking of pets, my parents forbid me to have any pets. =( Granted I've kept fishies in the past but they all died within the week. Tamagotchis are what I'm good at. I can keep them for weeks until they have 3rd generation and 4th generation kids. No shit kidding. I would really want a small doggie, except that I have a problem with picking up the shit poo it leaves behind. My problem is now solved! I have a pet hamster now. Electronic one at that!

I'm so glad I have a blog. I can channel all my rage/sadness/bimbostic thoughts/ramblings here. I mean, it's good if you have a friend to "share" all your ups and downs with. Well, people usually listen to you because they are too embarassed to reject you. Sometimes they wish you wouldn't share all your "quality thoughts and feelings" with them because it doesn't matter to them or they have something better to do.

Well, now I've bypassed all that and I'm feeling swell. At least now I don't have the feeling of being judged by others by telling them stuff. People say "Tsk.. she's so brainless and shallow..." or "Oh my goodness I can't believe she's so immature to think that way."

Don't think I don't know that some people say that about me.


Jay said...

I'm just a random passer-by. I reckon A&F stuff are pretty nifty too,their style's fun, sporty, colourful and very laid-back. But I dunno any retailers here in Sydney who have A&F. Do you?

Min said...

Actually I don't know any retailers who stock a&f stuff. I just browse the a&f website

and maybe buy it off their website. They do ship overseas! If I'm not mistaken some are available on eBay as well. =)

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