Monday, May 16, 2005


My brother's nick currently reads "I want to watch revenge of the sith now!".

So do I, brother. So do I.

And after watching Episode 2 last nite on the telly, those dormant Star Wars feelings are surging and gurgling at boiling point. Man, I wanna see Star Wars.

Which of course brings us to yet another post about the franchise/saga/phenomenon. Actually I'm about the only girl I know who's nuts about the movie. My cousins don't really know who Yoda is, and gushing about Qui Gon Jinn to them will inevitably draw to a blank. They will give me the "Huh? Are you speaking English?" face, and I will shuffle away and continue my animated conversation with my brother.

Qui Gon Jinn. My hero.

My temporary army of clonetroopers. More will be ready soon. The most Kick Ass Dispensable army you'll ever see.

"Another one dead?!?! It's ok. We've got more in the backyard."

A few questions I need answers to.

  1. How come Emperor Palpatine looked so ugly, complete with grey elephant hide in the end? He was normal looking when he was a senator. Did the dark side have an effect on his looks? Dark force not good for health?

  2. What made Yoda become the "mars bar stealing" Yoda in episode 4? He was all almighty grandmaster and stuff in episodes 1-3. And somehow he was reduced to stealing mars bar (Note: I don't know what the bar is. Energy bar, protein bar, mars bar. Whatever. I'm not big on details.) from Luke when Luke crashed into the swampy planet. Why?

  3. How come Leia didn't have the Force thing? Luke is her twin brother and the Force is strong in him. Why not Leia? Is it DNA, or she hasn't discover her potential yet?

3 more days and all shall be revealed.

The saga is complete.

p.s. Prepare to read more about Star Wars after thursday.

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