Monday, May 30, 2005

Decluttering, wasting money, lotions and potions, eBay and freebies.

I'm clearing out my cupboard. I have soooooooo many stuff I don't need or don't want and I don't really know what to do with them.

Actually I wanted to be a good girl and clean my contact lenses for the first time in months. I mean, if contact lenses could grow fungus or moss, mine would be sprouting huge mushrooms and covered with green slippery moss by now.

I went around looking for my solutions and whatnot, and discovered a whole treasure chest chockful of products and some unwanted pre-loved clothing.

Can't let my mom know cuz she will scold me for wasting money. I can totally hear her scream "See? I told you, you don't need white corduroy jeans. And you've never worn them. Wasting money... " and so on and so forth.

*mutter mutter*

Actually I'm donated that pair of jeans and some other clothing to the Salvation Army. Shhhh... White cords are so, 1980s. So passe. I love white in all its whitest glory but white cords is just a huge mistake. HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. Don't know what got into me. White trousers, that's another story for another glorious day.

Anyway I realise I have at least 5 different body lotions, 4 moisturisers, lipbalms (lost count), lipgloss in various shades of pink (lost count) and 5 fragrances sitting on my table. My god, I can smear all these on an entire village (a small one) and not finish everything.

Don't judge me by all the stuff I buy on impulse. If you look closely, you'll realise there's a second tier of stuff. Don't know what got into me.

It's ok because I have a way to recoop my losses. I'm selling stuff I've not used on eBay. Need the mahnee for urm, other shopping funds expenditures. I don't know what I'll do without eBay.

If you are family or my friends and you want some of these stuff (they are brand new), leave a message here so I'll pass them to you when I get back. Better to give away than to waste perfectly good stuff.

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