Thursday, May 05, 2005


Disneyland. I just LURRRRRRVE that place.

Along with Universal Studios, all other Disney resorts like DisneySea. *gushes uncontrollably*

Each time I step foot inside the theme park, I am as excited as any 8 year old around me. I take photos with EVERY DISNEY CHARACTER I can find and I get their autographs.

Really. Those people walking in those suits do sign autographs in "special autograph" books that people like me buy. You think you gotta have it while in the park, along with the Mickey beanie with the huge ears and Mickey gloves. Yes. Those that look like Mickey's hands.

My brother doesn't really like theme parks because "they are for kids". Hmm.. =/

I so want to go there right now, especially the 50th anniversary celebration!!!

My favourite place in the whole world. With Walt and Mickey of course.

Look at THAT parade!!!!!

Look at Sleeping Beauty's Castle.. I can't wait for the fireworks!

The fireworks!! This place makes you feel that all your dreams will most definitely come true. And the whole world is just a sweet gigantic marshmallow. A pink one, too.

It's amazing how a theme park can make the world suddenly become the happiest and sweetest place ever possible. Complete with the fluffiest pink marshmallow.

Goodness.. I talk like I'm high on something. =/ I know it's all marketing, concrete, heavy machinery and corporate scums trying to earn all my money by selling all the merchandise a known world can produce. But I still love it, despite all the dark dark marketing behind it. It's still the bestest place on earth.

Mmmm.... I so want to go to Disneyland right now.

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Mat said...

i wanna go too, i wanna go too, i wanna go too!!!

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