Monday, May 30, 2005

Freaking cold autmn, Ugg boots, low threshold, piercings and Mrs. Banker.

I am so damn cold right now.

It's supposed to be autumn right now and from all your movies, it should be pleasant weather with a slight chill. People will stroll in parks where huge trees are covered with brown leaves, and when the breeze comes, the leaves will dance and it'll look like wonderland. Everyone will look as if the weather is perfect for sitting in the park, watching the flock of ducks swimming ever so idly across the pond.

Sorry. Wrong picture. There is no pond and there is no cute duckies swimming. When the breeze comes, you just want to grab the parka around you tighter and pray so hard that you don't freeze on the street. Dancing leaves? You should pray that the tree is strong enough to stand the 'gust' of wind and doesn't fall on you.

It's so freaking cold that people generally do not want to step outdoors anymore.

It's sooooo drying as well. After piling on the lotions (I've got loads) I can still feel the skin on my legs cracking. *sobs* I feel like a human desert.

Parch desert cracks. Reminds me of my legs.

I'm wearing my eskimo-like parka on top of 2 other layers of clothing, and I'm still shivering from the bitter bitter cold. I don't have a heater in my house due to various reasons. It's ONLY autumn and I'm wearing my parka indoors. Can you imagine what it'll be like in winter?

I'm now contemplating on buying a pair of Ugg boots to tide myself over this harsh autumn/winter.

Comfy pink Ugg boots. Warm toasty feet.


It could be the overbearing cold or the crushing pressure of writing my thesis report, but I'm seriously thinking of getting my ears pierced. Everyone knows that I have a low threshold for pain. Not "Ouch, I fell down and I have a gash now" kinda pain. You know, those rugby players can hug the ball and slide themselves across the line to score, scraping away what's rest of the skin on their limbs. (Not pain, ah???) I know some kids can take it because they can fall, bleed, and continue playing. "Oh I fell and now my knees are bleeding. OII!!! Kick the ball THIS way!!" and off they go running like the wind. These kids are going to be great soccer/rugby/hockey players.

Not me. I will yelp and if no one is looking, howl like there's no tomorrow. Being the hypochondriac, I'll make sure I get my dear mom to ship me off to the nearest clinic for a tetanus shot after convincing myself I will die should it get infected. Gangrene, and how I might have to hack off my hand/leg. And the pain from the injection... I shudder to think of it.

Anyway, back to body piercing. Nope I haven't got any piercings because should I one day meet a rich, handsome, decent banker who adores me to death, I don't want to ruin my chances of being Mrs. Banker by scaring the pants off his parents with my multiple piercings and tattoos. Which respectable Mrs. Banker has all that piercings and tattoos anyway!?

I'm simply afraid of the pain. Mom actually (at one time) forced me to get my ears pierced, half convincing me that it wouldn't hurt, just like an ant bite. My dad had to step in and tell me the "actual" (read: exaggerated) process.

"They will take your earlobe and put this gun thing on top of it. And before you
know it,


they will blast the studs onto your earlobe."

My god. Using the "WHAM!!!!!" sound to describe ear piercing is not going to help. It instills such fear that I'm still frightened up till this very day.


Anyway just thought I'll get my ears pierced. The numbing cold from winter will just numb the pain since I can't feel shit anything from the cold.

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