Friday, May 20, 2005

Freedom Tower.

Some topics have expiry dates. When you have something new and you want to write it down, you better do it quick. Otherwise you'll just be one of the millions who write about the same stuff as everyone when you could have been the "first" to do it.

Like I've mentioned earlier, I wanted to write something on the Freedom Tower. Now that it's splashed all over the news, no one really wants to hear about it anymore.


But I shall still write about it because I've already got the pictures and a stub of the post on my computer. Thou shall not waste.

Donald Trump doesn't like the new plans for World Trade Center. He calls it disgusting and a pile of junk. He wants to rebuild WTC, you know, the Twin Towers and everything, the way it was. Only better and stronger.

Trump calls Freedom Tower 'disgusting' and a 'pile of junk'
"I'd rather have nothing than what they're building," says the real estate mogul in a
Hardball interview

Some people think Trump should stay out of it. His taste in architecture isn't exactly good judging by all his buildings and casinos. It's all very tacky. Judge for yourself.

This is soooooo wrong.

The Freedom Tower. It's not disgusting, is it?

I don't know man... I rather like the new Freedom Tower they proposed. It's very space-y and futuristic, almost implying a better future. Outstanding, like the leader in a pack. That's only my interpretation.

If the same Twin Towers are rebuilt, I think, will only mean 2 things to the people who have to use it or live near it or survivors of 9/11.

The bad thing is, it's like seeing the nightmare physically again. If I were a survivor, the scene of those planes crashing into the towers will just replay in my head. I won't even want to go near it because I would be too paranoid. I would rather it be a empty plot of land.

The good thing about rebuilding the Twin Towers, is that they are showing the world "we are ok".

"You blasted it to bits, but I'll rebuild it again. You'll never ever get me down. "

Somehow the Chumbawamba song (Tubthumping) is creeping into my head. Don't think it's appropriate.

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