Friday, May 13, 2005


The title is a bit passe/irksome (I think so)/whatever you want to call it.

Anyway I want to grumble about lost friendships and those you never really understand why it lasted.

Lost friendships

Back in primary school, I sort of belonged to a clique. And my bestest friend was in it. We were in the same class for all of 5 years, joined the same team, went everywhere together, even to the secondary school of our choice.

The time came when we "split". She joined the NPCC (a bit like kiddy police training if you think real hard about it) and I joined Girl Guides under the false impression that I could do whatever I damn well wanted to. This probably had something to do with the freedom I enjoyed in primary school. Anyway my disdain for my secondary school deserves another post on its own.

We drifted apart, as expected, until we went to junior colleges and stayed at the same boarding school. We were roomies and it was gooooooooood. The room was pink and Hello Kitty oriented, and we woke up at 5 in the morning just to go the the giant MacDonald's at King Albert Park to get Hello Kitty dolls.

I remember getting "scolded" by Arul cuz the Singapore craze over Hello Kitty (the jam at the drive-thru spilled onto the highway and traffic came to a standstill) made him and at least 10% of the school's population late by nearly 2 hours.

Anyway, now that we are in university in different countries. The drift thing happened again. I don't really know what she had been up to. I don't even know if she still likes Jap stuff.

Best of friends since we were 8. It's a shame, really.


In secondary school, I had a "new" best friend, Qiaoyun. It's another sad story because after we graduated and went on to different junior colleges, we lost contact. I knew she got into Medicine and that's about it.

Now I don't even know where she is. She's not even on Friendster. =(


It's the story of our lives (my life. I put our lives because I don't want to seem like the only one going through this), isn't it? Friends come and go, and some just go missing.

This ain't right. Whatever happen to "friends for life" and all other notions of friendships Hallmark put into our heads?

I don't care. I'm going to Google Qiaoyun until I find out more about her. Sure I sound like a stalker, but she was my best friend! And why must some of my closest friendships go down the drain? I refuse to go through with this anymore.

*stomps off diva style*


Friendships that you don't know why they lasted

I have a couple of friends whom I'm still in contact with. They are remarkable because I don't see them in years and we can still hit it off like we always do.

Some are my college friends. I don't think I was the sociable type but I had friends. Because of this whole university thing, I don't get to see them. True, we still bring up the ancient history that was college in our conversation and I don't really know what they are doing now. Anyway we still make it a point to meet when I go back home.

Well, not last year because of my detestable internship. But every other year we do meet up.

Friends from nowhere. Now this is amazing. It falls into the same category as "Jesus turning water into wine" category. This guy was my friend's ex. She avoided him as if he has some incurable contagious disease. And I was there consoling the poor sod, and ever since then we became good friends. Over time, he went to London and I lost contact with the girl. And we still hit it off whenever he's back despite not meeting for the bulk of our friendship. I don't think I've seen him for 6 out of the 8 years I've known him.

"Hey gurlie, let's go grab supper. Pick you up in 10. And get your ass to the door cuz I don't wanna honk and wait."
"What makes you think I want supper?"
"Just get your butt down, now. We're eloping. Pronto."
"Ok, fellow eloping partner. Need to pack and bid farewell to family."
"I'm turning into the corner of your street. Come down now. I'm hanging up."

Ahhh... the beauty of our conversation.

No, we didn't elope. And yes, we had supper at the beach.

Of course there are other people who fall into this category but it would take far too long to type it all down. Furthermore no one really wants to read about my successful/failing friendships. It's too "world revolves around me". Too self absorbed.

Then again, I'm pretty self-absorbed.

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