Sunday, May 15, 2005

Frivolous lawsuits.

I'm confused. Jessica Simpson "Is this tuna or chicken" confused.

How do you pronounce Iraq?
Is it
1) yee-ruck, or
2) i-rack ?

I've had the good fortune of waking up at 5am every morning and watching delayed telecast of the NBC Today Show. It's like a morning program, complete with news and random interviews with powerful people and celebs.

Check it at

Saw Jet Li and Morgan Freeman trying to plug their new movie. I had a feeling Jet Li didn't get what Matt Lauer was asking.

In other news....

Robin Williams Sues Celeb Impersonator
-- The Associated Press May 13, 1:25 PM EST

I didn't know that impersonating other people is wrong. What about all the fake gyrating Elvis-es in Las Vegas? Elvis is never gonna re-enter the building and sue the living daylights out of them..

Fako Elvis.

Maybe telling people you're Robin Williams and doing all sorts of interviews are wrong. It's a little like Bart Simpson forging Marge's signature.

Bart Simpson, the coolest 10 year old kid in Springfield. He's up to mischief everytime you see him but you can't help admire his handiwork and his guts. He even made it to Time's "The Best of the '90". Beat that.

Eat my shorts. You are wise, young Bart. Eat my shorts, indeed.

But then again, who on EARTH wants to have the good fortune of looking like Robin Williams?! Brad Pitt, I can understand.

Brad is now legally single. But you have to fight with Angelina Jolie before you can get Brad. Not to mention the rest of the female population Earth has to offer.


Oh, I can't begin to tell you the pain I feel.

An excerpt from the article,

"I was completely suckered," C.J. wrote four days later after discovering the man was really Clayton. "When Pool arrived with 'Williams,' I was surprised by the blond hair. My suspicions eased when I saw Clayton's hairy arms."

So the reporter actually DID have his suspicions, but since no one else in Hollywood has hairy arms like Williams, he let his suspicions go. *sniggers uncontrollably*

NOTE: This is all in good fun. Please don't direct your legal eagles this way.

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