Sunday, May 15, 2005


What do you call the opposite of mental block? Cuz I think I'm having one recently.

I actually have enough "resources" to flood my blog with new articles. There are at least 8 new ones on my notebook waiting to get published. Well maybe half of them are quizzes, and some of them were written as early as last October. I just forgot about them until I checked if they were trash waiting to be deleted.

My cup runneth over with "quality thoughts" almost everyday. I have so much more to write. Including one on the ideal holiday getaway, my trip to Japan (Land of Hello Kitty), Freedom Tower, Star Wars 3, Sesame Street and historical figures.

My work here is not done yet. I need more time. And faster typing skills.


Phil and some others have briefly mentioned that I write long assed long posts. And many posts in one day too.

I can't help it, I just have too many things to say. Too many interesting things I want to share with the world.

Like how Bittorrent is a piece of shit. Really. I've downloaded like 73% of Scrubs episode 4x16, and when I tried to continue downloading a couple of days later, the damn thing wouldn't connect at all!


I thought to myself, "It could be that this link is dead. Maybe I should download the new torrent and start all over again."

Guess what?

Eh, it's a new bloody link. What more do you want?!

"Maybe people are way past episode 4x16. Just download the newest episode 4x25 and get on with life."

And the damn thing happened again.


I checked with the website and it clearly showed that there were plenty of hosts, seeds and leeches around. So why can't I get my fix of Scrubs?!

Those bastards.

And how stealing other people's internet connection is just so goddamn frustrating. My notebook picked up on the wireless networks around my place and they were bloody unsecured networks!
Meaning I could just connect, use their connections and download all my tv shows until they run out of goddamn download limits!

So I clicked on "Connect".

And I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And I couldn't wait anymore. So I used my own connection in the end.

Why does it have to take so long?

I could have
  1. learnt how to cook a 10 course Japanese gourmet meal,
  2. play golf like Tiger Woods,
  3. toilet train my dog (if I have one) and
  4. finally understand what the fish offside* is during that period of time.

There simply is no justice in this world.

* As far as I know, offside happens when the last defender is further to the goalkeeper than the offensive team.

Wenwei says it takes a shorter time explaining medicine, the human anatomy, quantum physics AND relativity to me (and all other girls) than explaining offside.

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