Thursday, May 26, 2005

Happy ending, hypocrites and God wanting to spite us.

Rags to riches. Cinderella story. Happily ever after. Striking 25 million dollar lottery (tax free).

Everyone loves a happy ending. We love hearing about unfortunate people, the less priviledged finding happiness, wealth and good health. I mean, it doesn't really feel the same to know about rich people getting richer or Paris Hilton finding happiness in her chihuahua. It's just not the same.

I wonder if we're being sincere about being happy for others or we're jealous their good fortune or we're just a bunch of unsatisfied whiners.

Are we really happy for the people who managed to find happiness/wealth/good health? I am pretty sure SOME people are not over the moon when you tell them how overjoyed you are. They smile but seriously deep down in their black black hearts, they just want to scream expletives in your face.

I'm not sure why they are not happy but it could be due to a feud or them generally being insufferable skinflints with unhappy DNA. Who knows.

Sometimes we're just plain jealous. You just keel over with such rage and jealousy because you wonder why you can't have such good fortune like him/her/it.

But most of all, I believe we are all one big bunch of unhappy and unsatisfied wankers whiners. We are unhappy with our financial status, even when we are not in the red. We are unhappy with our appearances despite being perfectly healthy.

And I just think I might know why we are not "finding" or "getting" the "happiness".

Why, you ask? Because God has a weird sense of humour.

Actually, no. (I think) He just thinks of us (the complaining wankers) as undeserving asswipes people so He just makes people around us happy. Perhaps to spite us, you say. I agree. To make us come to our senses? It could be.

Just what I think about, besides materialistic and shallow stuff, when I am bored.

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