Friday, May 20, 2005

King Tut, Ned Flanders, Bush and soy beans.

King Tutankhamun. Discovered years ago by Howard Carter about 80 years ago. (Just another random useless bit of info (unless asked in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire") I know.)You know, the Egyptian boy king who was murdered?

Anyway he was recently x-rayed, and using the "fantabulous" computer imaging we have nowadays, scientists had been able to reproduce his face. We now know what the mummified boy king looks like.

Reincarnation Confirmed!
The startling results of modeling King Tut's face.
By Andy Bowers
Posted Friday, May 13, 2005, at 11:18 AM PT

King Tut. Dead Pharaoh from ancient past.
And apparently he looked like Boy George.

Boy George. Performer from the not-so-ancient past.

Uncanny resemblance. Nice work on the eye makeup.


Some time ago I looked around online to find Bart Simpson's picture. And I found this gem.

How Ned Flanders became a role model
By Giles Wilson
BBC News Online

Ned "Hididdeliho" Flanders.

And suddenly I imagined many Neds around me. All the bible-toting red states people. All I can say is that, it's scary. Okelydokely scary.

This came up too.

Conservatism As Pathology
Are Bush supporters literally insane?
By Timothy Noah

I agree. The emphasis on values in his last campaign has apparently endeared Bush to his people. Talking about the good old days, the way things were and how same-sex marriage is wrong etc.

It's not ok to marry a person of the same sex, but it's ok to go blasting people to bits in the name of upholding "justice" and ridding the world of make-believe WMD?


The Amazon forest is getting chopped down just because the Brazilian governor can.

Amazon reduced by 10,000 square miles
Farmers, ranchers led by Brazilian governor continue clearing

Logging of the Amazon in Brazil. This is soooo wrong.

The governor is the world's biggest soy farmer, so he conveniently allows deforestation to expand his soy farming.

I wonder, does he know this thing called global warming? I ought to send the governor a copy of "The Day After Tomorrow".

Arctic Melting Fast; May Swamp U.S. Coasts by 2099
Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News

Scientists have determined that the ice in Greenland and the Arctic is melting so rapidly that much of it could be gone by the end of the century.


Just one not-so-important question. Which one is the correct word, soy or soya? My 6.5th sense tells me it's soy. Soya sauce sounds so wrong.

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